Vault of the Incarnates Tier Sets Overview

    Warcraft is considered the most popular and famous game. Fans of the game are looking forward to new additions to World of Warcraft. Currently, Vault of the Incarnates is on the agenda. 

    Vault of the Incarnates is a raid in the Dragonflight add-on, in which you will have epic battles with eight bosses and interesting equipment.

    In the Dragonflight expansion, the developers decided to continue the idea of class armor sets. To get them, participate in difficult group content like dungeons, raids, and PvP, and catalyze this process if you fail for a long time. However, you can also buy a VotI Raid Boosting if you want to save time.


    Class Tier Sets in Vault of the Incarnates General Information

    1) The main source of obtaining items from class sets are:

    • Raids

    Class sets are obtained in the form of tokens, which can be obtained from certain bosses. When used, the token creates an item suitable for the current class.

    • Inspiration Catalyst

    Also, a set item can be created from a regular seasonal item on the new Inspiration Catalyst.

    2) Main features and changes

    As before, each set has special bonuses for all specializations, which are activated by collecting 2 and 4 items from 5 existing ones.

    3) Main Models

    At different quality levels and the kits mined in different places have their colors. In PvE, they are tied to the difficulty levels of the raid: in the search system – green, in normal – yellow, in heroic – blue, in mythic – light purple, and PvP to the armor rank: elite – orange, gladiator – dark purple. If you are interested in a specific model boost, then you should turn to the proven VotI Raid Boosting boosters.

    Death Knight

    The following bonuses are presented for the knight when assembling two or four items:

    Blood (2):

    A player with a 20% chance will drop 1 Rune when a Bone Shield charge is consumed.

    Ice (2):

    Increases the effect of Frostcythe and Obliterate by 15%.

    Unholy (2):

    Bursting a Festering Wound increases the effectiveness of Vile Saturation by 25% more damage and haste for 5 seconds.

    Blood (4):

    The player gains an additional 10% damage and speed for 10 seconds.

    Ice (4):

    Critical Hits will not consume Killing Machine.

    Unholy (4):

    Vile Saturation has a chance of 8% to increase attack power and haste by 8.


    Demon Hunter

    For the hunter, the following bonuses are presented:

    Havoc (2):

    Increases hit damage by 10%.

    Revenge (2):

    Increases spell damage by 20%.

    Havoc (4):

    Increases the chance of harm by 20% of effects.

    Revenge (4):

    Increases the chance of dealing damage by 50% more, while the player himself takes less damage.




    The following item build bonuses are introduced:

    Balance (2):

    Starsurge and Starfall effects increase damage by 20%.

    Feral (2)

    Increases damage by 6% of Ferocious Bite.

    Guardian (2):

    The damage effect is increased by 30%.

    Healing (2)

    Increases the critical strike chance of Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, and other effects by 8%.

    Balance (4):

    When Eclipse, the use of effects occurs at no cost, and damage is increased by 35%.

    Feral (4)

    At the end of the action of the techniques, the losses of the enemy are increased by 2%.

    Guardian (4):

    Increases the chance to receive Blood Attack by 5%, and using it increases health.

    Healing (4)

    Applied effects increase the player’s healing by 5%.



    This playable class has the following bonuses when assembling most items:

    Ravager (2):

    Increases the chance of increased spell damage by 5%.

    Guardian (2):

    Increases the lethal damage chance of Inversion by 25% for 6 seconds.

    Ravager (4):

    Increases the ability to gain Aspect Fury for 6 seconds on spells by up to 25%.

    Guardian (4):

    The health buff from Inversion increases your ability to cast Living Heat to quickly heal or damage by 20%.



    The Hunter has the following bonuses when building 2-Piece and Quad-Piece Sets:

    Beastmaster (2):

    Increased damage from the command “Kill!” by 10%.

    Shooting (2):

    Increases damage from spells that cause the enemy to bleed.

    Survival (2):

    Increases damage from spells by 15%, such as Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike, and others.

    Beastmaster (4):

    Increased damage from the command “Kill!” by 20%.

    Shooting (4):

    Has a 15% chance to increase the power of dealing damage to the enemy from a distance

    Survival (4):

    Increases the power of subsequent spells by 50%.



    For the mage, the following bonuses are presented when assembling most items:

    Arcane (2):

    Increases your Arcane Blast spell by 5%.

    Fire (2):

    Pyroblast and Pyroblast spells increase damage to the enemy if used during the Streak of Luck.

    Ice (2):

    Increases damage by 10% from Ice Lance and Ice Ball spells.

    Arcane (4):

    It becomes possible after casting a spell to increase damage from subsequent spells by 10%.

    Fire (4):

    Increases hitting the enemy by 10% during Fire Blast, Phoenix Flames.

    Ice (4):

    Increases attack damage by 8% for 6 seconds if Fingers of Frost is consumed.



    This playable class has the following item build bonuses:

    Brewmaster (2):

    When attacking an enemy with Tiger Paw or Dancing Crane, you will be afflicted with Chameleon Rhythm, giving you the ability to increase the damage you deal to the enemy and reduce the damage the enemy deals to you by 1% for 15 seconds.

    Windwalker (2):

    Fists of Fury will increase the damage of the following attacks by 30%: Rising Sun Kicks, and Dancing Cranes.

    Mistweaver (2):

    Increases the health regeneration of targets affected by your Renewing Mist by 10%.

    Brewmaster (4):

    Cleansing Brew neutralizes up to 3% of enemy damage.

    Windwalker (4):

    Fists of Fury will allow you to increase the damage of the third attack of Dancing Cranes.

    Mistweaver (4):

    Essence Font provides a 10% health boost.



    This playable class has the following bonuses when assembling most items:

    Light (2):

    Holy Shock increases your critical strike chance by 4%.

    Protection (2):

    You and your closest ally will receive Ally of the Light when using Avenger’s Shield.

    Retribution (2):

    15% buff to spells.

    Light (4):

    Buff spells by 6% increase.

    Protection (4):

    Spells grant a 5% bonus to repel enemy attacks.

    Retribution (4):

    Increased spell damage dealt by 10%.



    The following bonuses are introduced when assembling most items:

    Obedience (2):

    Your next healing spell will be 10% more effective after using Power Word: Shield.

    Light (2):

    Reduces the time it takes to cast Heal by 1 second.

    Darkness (2):

    Mind Blast will increase the damage done by the Devouring Plague by 12%.

    Obedience (4):

    “Confession” will give an increase to spells by 60% damage and 18% healing.

    Light (4):

    After restoring Holy Word: Serenity/Holy Word: Sanctify, your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.

    Darkness (4):

    Increases movement speed by 4% while using Devouring Plague and Mind Sear.



    This playable class has the following item build bonuses:

    Elimination (2):

    “Poison” gives a buff to the damage of poisons (20%).

    Cutthroat (2):

    Eliminate grants an 8% increased damage for your next Sinister Strike or Ambush.

    Stealth (2):

    Shadowblade’s critical chance is increased by using Eviscerate and Black Powder.

    Elimination (4):

    “Infect Wound” bonus effect when using poisons.

    Cutthroat (4):

    Increases the damage of Eliminate when using Sinister Strike.

    Stealth (4):

    Criticals increase the damage dealt to an enemy by eviscerating or Rupturing by 12%.



    This playable class has the following bonuses when assembling most items:

    Elements (2):

    Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst increase damage on subsequent hits by 5%.

    Improvement (2):

    Stormstrike increases Nature Attacks by 10%.

    Heal (2):

    When the Totem is active, damage to the enemy is increased by 10%.

    Elements (4):

    Using Elemental Strike increases Mastery by 5% for 5 seconds.

    Improvement (4):

    Consuming Maelstrom Weapon increases your movement speed by 1% for 4 seconds.

    Heal (4):

    Healing ability is increased by 15%



    Bonuses when assembling most items from 2 and 4 pieces:

    Sorcery (2):

    When a Soul Shard spawns, you gain Violent Inspiration, which increases your Haste by 12% for 6 seconds.

    Demonology (2):

    Spell damage increased by 20%

    Destruction (2):

    Using Soul Shards gives the player 10% more critical damage.

    Sorcery (4):

    Cruel Insight increases damage by 40%.

    Demonology (4):

    There is a high chance that using “Demonic Charge” will cause 150% more damage to the enemy

    Destruction (4):

    Lethal attacks are increased by 8%



    Bonuses when assembling most items from 2 and 4 pieces:

    Weapons (2):

    Spell damage is increased by 10%.

    Fury (2):

    Damage Chance is increased by 10% with Execute

    Protection (2):

    Increases damage to the enemy, while doing less damage to you.

    Weapons (4):

    Spells are 5% more powerful for 6 seconds

    Fury (4):

    Increases the chance of casting an Execution spell without waiting for a cooldown.

    Protection (4):

    While Resolute Advance is active, you have a 5% increased resistance to enemy damage.

    Thus, in this article, all game classes were clearly shown, what bonuses players can get by collecting items in the game, and also in what places these items can be found.


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