The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Followers on Instagram

    Instagram has grown up a family of 700 million active users. With such a large number of people actively using Instagram, it has got a plenty of potentials. The potential you can use for your business to place it to its targeted audience.  

    Instagram is the game of followers, the more followers you have, the more potential you have to grow your business on Instagram fast. But to gain more followers on Instagram for your business is the primary task to do. So, how you are supposed to gain more followers on Instagram fast is the central question and confusion here.

    To answer this question I have formulated this ultimate guide to getting more followers on Instagram after doing a little research and reading up different blog posts. I hope this guide will help you gain more followers on Instagram fast and ultimately help you grow your business. So, let’s get started with this ultimate guide!

    Make A Meaningful Strategy

    Before doing anything, you need to answer the questions like Where you want to go? And how you plan to get there? That means for every piece of a task; you need to have a goal and a strategy to achieve that goal. Same is the case with Instagram. Your goal is to gain more followers, and you need to think how you are going to achieve it strategically.

    Think strategically what your business is, what exactly is your niche, who is your competitors, who are your target audience on Instagram etc. Then go by keeping all these things in mind. Research your competitors, how they are doing things on Instagram, look at what following realistic looks like, what type of post they share, etc. And most importantly research about your target audience, because when you know the people who you are targeting, you’ll know how to gain their attention. It will help you in deciding what type of content to share on Instagram that will attract your target audience and will ultimately help you gain more followers on Instagram fast.

    Think About Consistency And Timings

    Consistency is something which everyone likes. After doing your research you know what type of content you need to share, the next important thing is you need to be consistent in posting your content. Your followers need to see your content consistently that’s why they are following you in the first place. And when you post consistently they will interact with your posts more often, and this activity becomes visible to their followers helping you expose your content to a broad audience.

    Consistency also comes with timing, find out the time when your target audience is most engaging and post consistently during that period. The more engagement your post gets, the more chance you have to reach the explore page and hence the more followers.


    The next most important thing is the Hashtags that you use. These are the best ways to make your business and your posts discoverable to your targeted audience. One best tip about using Hashtags is to search for the top Instagram Hashtags of your niche/industry to attract the engaging community behind them and grow your follower’s list.

    Also, try to make your own unique branded hashtag that will motivate your audience to share photos related to your business. When more and more people use your branded hashtag your business will become visible to the much larger audience, and your target audience will be able to discover you.


    Another way of gaining followers on Instagram is to tag your users, industry influencers and brands related to your business in your posts they’ll be alerted through their activity notifications. When they get tagged, they get encouraged to engage with your posts, and their engagement makes your posts visible to their followers. That means more chances to reach your targeted audience and ultimately more chances to gain more followers on Instagram.

    Another way of tagging is geotagging your location. This way when anyone searches for a specific location you’ve geotagged once, your post will become visible to them. It also helps you become discoverable to your targeted audience and gain followers on Instagram fast.


    Last but not the least is engagement: the key to almost everything on Instagram. As according to the Instagram new algorithm the post with higher engagement will reach a top place in news feeds. So try to make your posts more engaging by interacting with your followers, tagging them, contest and do shout-outs to reach your target audience and make your post attractive and creative enough to capture their attention.

    Here comes the end of this guide. Everything mentioned above will help you gain more followers on Instagram fast in one way or other. You just need to keep doing them and never get tired of them. So, yes bonus tip is never to lose hope and keep Instagramming.


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