Top 5 Platform Games On PC

    Oh, the sweet, sweet platformer. It’s a bit nostalgic because I’ve been exploring this exciting yet amusing gaming genre since I was a kid. And I still love it with all my heart.

    Hence, in this article, I’ll talk about five platformers that you should play, whether you’re a teenager or an adult. Let’s get started, then.

    5 Platformers To Play Today!

    Usually, platform games are best enjoyed when playing solo. So, it’s best if you don’t ask your friends to come to your house for this one. And, in case you’re wondering, you can get all these games for free from There’s no need to browse through Steam.

    1. Limbo – Diving Into The Never-Ending World Of Darkness

    The story of Limbo is pretty simple. You’ll be playing as a nameless boy who awakens in the midst of a forest just to find out that he has lost his sister. Now, it’s your job to get through the challenges the game throws at you and complete the task accordingly.

    So, what makes the game really, really good?

    Well, firstly, the atmosphere – it’s dark, gritty, and as unique as it can get. In addition to this, the black-and-white coloring of the background makes it even more exciting. Also, the game is filled with puzzles, which are pretty easy to solve as long you’re using common sense.

    Developer PlayDead
    Metacritic Score  88/100
    Average Gameplay Duration 6.5-7.0 hours

    2. Hollow Knight – An Ode To The Metroidvania Genre

    Hollow Knight, in the foresight, may look like just another hop-and-jump Metroidvania title. But, beneath that, it’s a low-key excellent action/slasher game with an alluring RPG element.

    The storyline of the game is quite complex, and you’ll need to follow it thoroughly to beat it. And, the boss fights – damn, they’re tough as heck.

    Finally, Hollow Knight also comes with more than one ending as a whole. And, in case you want to get the best one, you have to explore the world thoroughly, as much as you can.

    Developer TeamCherry
    Metacritic Score  87/100
    Average Gameplay Duration 57.5-58.0 hours

    3. Ori And The Blind Forest – A Graphical Masterpiece

    When Moon Studios, a relatively-tiny gaming organization, threw Ori into the grand mix of platform games, most people began criticizing it. After all, it was trying to compete with the giants of the genre, like Super Mario and Sonic. And gamers weren’t too hopeful about that.

    However, upon its release, Ori and the Blind Forest proved everyone wrong.

    It came with an alluring graphical representation of the Blind Forest. And, the storyline – it’s as heartwarming as it can get. In the beginning, the game did come with a few bugs. But, the development team took care of it pretty soon. So, there’s no need to worry about it too.

    Developer Moon Studios
    Metacritic Score  88/100
    Average Gameplay Duration 11.0 hours

    4. It Takes Two – Team Up FTW!

    This is the only game on this list that you can play with a friend, and you’ll love it. The plot of the game is a little bit lighthearted yet tragic. But, if you play the right notes, you’ll surely end the title with some sort of solace as a whole.

    Although it might not seem so, It Takes Two also comes with a boatload of mini-games that are fun and exciting. The graphics are pretty good, too, as it’s a 2021 title. Just ensure that you have a GPU and 8GB RAM, and you’ll be fine.

    Developer Hazelight Studios
    Metacritic Score  88/100
    Average Gameplay Duration 12.0 hours

    5. Rayman Legends – A Vibrant Venture To The Neverland

    Rayman has been the prized possession of Ubisoft since 1995, and it’s still going strong, even in 2022. And, the reason? Rayman Legends, of course.

    Launched in 2014, the game comes with a level-based mechanism with a slight twist. It’s all about getting through a puzzle or two before meeting the final boss of the level.

    Each of the levels in the game is different from the other and, therefore, will make you think a little differently every time. It’s exciting, nonetheless.

    Developer Ubisoft Montpellier
    Metacritic Score  90
    Average Gameplay Duration 29.5-30.0 hours

    The Final Say!

    So, there you go – the top five platformers you should play in 2022. But, this was my own opinion only. However, if you want to share something else, comment below. Till then, have a great day ahead, and happy gaming!


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