Top 5 Adult Games based on popular movies or games

    The gaming industry has experienced a major evolution in the last few years. I have to mention that because some well known games and popular movies were parodied into adult games. As young children we all wanted to play games that were based on our favourite movies, but this transformation only took place in the least years. Games like Fallout: New Vegas, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Mafia II or Prison Break: The Conspiracy – are just a few examples, many more games were created after successful movies. Following this idea, adult games creators took initiative and began creating games that not only offer sexual content, but are also funny and interesting. On the other hand, some of these games are inspired by cartoons, but in most cases they don’t follow a specific one. If you are in search of a game like this, you’ll discover that there aren’t actual porn reproductions of specific cartoons. You will most likely find a mix of different characters from different cartoons.

    Let’s leave the stories aside and show you some examples.

    If you are over 18 I am sure that you’ve at least once heard of Game of Thrones, and yes, I am talking about the famous TV show. Screened after a very famous book, it is definitely the most popular show worldwide at the moment. Seeing how notorious it is, adult games developers took the main idea and came up with a few games related to Game of Thrones.

    1. Wh*res of Thrones

    If you’re asking whether you saw that good or not, the answer is yes. Yes, this is the title of the game and, if take a look at the images you’ll probably notice the characters from Game of Thrones. The story of the game takes place in a fictional place where conflict threatens to destroy the very foundations of the world. The game’s ultimate purpose is to give you the pleasure of playing in a medieval world by offering you sexual scenarios like the ones from that period of time.

    Here we have to mention Game of Wh*res, another game that is based on the tv show Game of Thrones. Game of Wh*res is most likely a parody of the tv show, because it doesn’t focus on the original story, but rather presents funny, sexual scenes with the mother of dragons.

    1. Total Drama Island

    I’m sure everyone knows this cartoon, because it made our childhood better trough its adventures. This cartoon was a little bit directed in a sexual direction, but it was addressed to children so it was always clean and friendly.

    Camp Pinewood is the game you want to play if you want to continue watching TDI in your adult life. The game features a few characters from Total Drama Island as well as characters from other games, which results in a story that has plenty of challenges and adult content. The only thing changed in this game is that you’re the only man. There’s no other competitor, it’s just you and the girls in the camp.

    1. Real Life Sunbay

    GTA – these three letters made my childhood much more joyful. Driving cars, completing missions, making money are just a few ways to describe Grand Theft Auto. We now have the awesome GTA V, but let’s go back for a few minutes and talk about GTA Vice City. GTA Vice City was an awesome game, one that is still alive in our memory and in our PCs – in case we want to relive the good memories.

    Maybe you’re thinking, what kind of porn can there be in GTA? Well, here is an adult reproduction of the Vice City game. It was also one of the first realistic games in the 3D adult games industry. This game doesn’t present the same story and doesn’t feature cars as much as the original one, but it is much rather focused on girls. We’re talking about girls who interact with you, not like the ones in the real game, that would not talk with you without a cheat code. In Real Life Sunbay, the story gravitates around a young man who’s kicked out of college. (Do not try this at home). In this game you can spend your time working as a postman or a courier. That’s how you can make enough money to start relationships with girls. Or you can simply grab the gun and try to take what you need from Sunbay City. The game is still at an early development stage, so I am aware there are good changes to be made.

    4. Screw Wars

    I am almost sure that this title makes you think about Star Wars. You are right, this game is a parody created after the very popular movie Star Wars. And if you haven’t heard about it you should not be here. This parody is a visual novel game that features a world similar to

    the one in Star Wars. Screw Wars is based on a series of adult games, exactly like the movies where each part had a corresponding movie. The game is divided into two trilogies that present the Star Wars scenarios, only with more fun and more sexual scenes. The game is a parody, so it is full of mystery and fun, which also include a lot of sexual achievements. The plot isn’t focused on the porn side of the game, but on the characters behaviour in particular situations and on relationship management.

    If you liked Star Wars you should definitely play this game. It is not very sexual and it offers a great gaming experience reported to other games from this niche.

    1. Four Elements Trainer

    Four Elements Trainer is a game that’s full of More than sexuality, this game presents a story, a fantasy story. Inspired by the movies “The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra”, this game offers a great story. It is difficult to play, but at same time it is full of fantasy, fight stories and mystery. It is a simple training game, but one of the best out there because it offers a huge variety of actions. The story is based on the plot of the movies, but a little bit more focused on the fantasy side.

    This was a top that presented the most popular games in the industry, those that offer a great gaming experience and a story that is based on well-known movies, other games or graphics. Parody games are fun for every adult, even if they include adult content or not. I am sure that, in the next few years, this niche will be much more developed and we will get to see parodies for games like Fortnite. Even if they will contain adult content or not, adults will find a real pleasure in playing them.


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