Three of the best free gaming options right now

    As a modern-day entertainment option, gaming is absolutely booming right now. It’s arguably better than it ever has been before, too. In fact, it’s evident just how far gaming has come, with people enjoying an extensive array of gaming escapades through a variety of gaming platforms in the modern environment. It’s impressive, really.

    One notable issue in today’s world, though, is the cost of gaming. It’s actually extortionate when you really think about it. A console certainly isn’t cheap, while the games are too expensive these days. Throw in the additional accessories that gamers are encouraged to snap up and it’s entirely understandable as to why gamers everywhere are exploring cheaper, more affordable alternatives. Thankfully, if you’re beginning to realize just how much of a financial commitment gaming has become, then there are plenty of gaming adventures to embark on that don’t cost a thing and provide strong doses of entertainment.

    One area that people are beginning to make the most of is through the variety of free gaming sites that are out there, while there are also a range of additional opportunities that are more than affordable, too. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at three of the best free gaming options right now.


    Pulsz offers free games like Buffalo King

    Surfing the web for games tends to result in a number of gaming sites being thrown your way. While most of them aren’t worth visiting, Pulsz definitely is. Pulsz offers free games like Buffalo King, a product with a stunning design and captivating mechanics, alongside other popular titles like Hit The Gold, Black Wolf, Gold Express, and Diamond Strike. Hundreds of games like the aforementioned options can be dipped in and out of with ease once you register, they’re extremely fun to play, and there’s something for everyone via this emerging gaming option.


    Even Netflix offers games now

    Of course, Netflix isn’t strictly free, but many people aren’t making the most of the streaming service’s new gaming offering. Housing mobile-friendly games, Netflix has been offering gaming products since November 2021, as the streaming giant continues to branch out and explore other emerging markets. Mobile gaming is certainly one of them, with Netflix aiming to capitalize on its evident growth with some products of their own. Games are free to play, they can be downloaded within seconds, and there are new and improved releases being exposed to Netflix’s millions of subscribers on a weekly basis. For racing fans, Asphalt Xtreme is a fantastic game to sample, while Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Moonlighter are worth experiencing, too. Even fans of Stranger Things have a couple of games to sample, while the platform also offers point-and-click adventure masterpieces like Kentucky Route Zero. Overall, while Netflix’s move into the gaming world is in its infancy, there are still plenty of engaging releases to play for free right now.

    Free gaming sites appeal to many

    If emerging free gaming options through Pulsz and Netflix don’t appeal, then the plethora of free gaming sites that are still be accessed by gamers today just might. Some sites do require registration, although it’s a seamless process and it’s entirely free. These sites then enable you to gain immediate access to a comprehensive selection of gaming titles, with gamers able to jump between a range of releases in a neat and tidy online destination. Favored free gaming sites include the likes of Kongregate, a site that houses titles like Rhomb, Pacifish, and Split or Steal, alongside a large collection of other top games. Other sites worth checking out includes Agame, BoredGames, Pogo, A10, Playretrogames, and MmoGames.


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