The Top 8 Free Steam Games You Should Be Playing

You may be scared of the amount of money you spend on gaming. Steam has gotmany games that you can download for free. The games are exciting to play andkeep you engaged for an extended period. This article highlights the top 8 best free steam games that you can download incase you do not have enough money to spend on your gaming habit.

Warface: Blackout

This game is from Crytek Kiev that has been able to gather small FPS that isinteresting just as other entries in the bullet-ridden genre. It offers fourclasses that include gear, attachments, with a weapon and unique skills thatare correlated to each other. When playing you will discover the teamstrategies and play styles that change daily. This game provides an opportunitythat allows you to spend game currency before investing so that you can be ableto test the guns and gears.

Dota 2

Many people aware of the title Dota.This game may be challenging to play at thestart and allows you to spend your cash on cosmetics. One has the opportunityto select from hundred heroes who have specific skills. The game aims to leadyour team to fight and take over your opponents’ base that is known as theancient. If you are a budding player, then this game will be suitable foryou.It has two teams each with five players and somethings that look like goldspread on the huge map.


This game is fun to play and allows you to play as a space ninja. Each robotprovides competent abilities and weapons that will be used to kill the enemy.The aim is to complete the missions and destroy everything.

War Thunder

This game is a description of what happened during World War II. It offers awide range of vehicles that one can choose from. This game is a bit realisticsince you are required to place the vehicle in a manner that will help youdefeat the enemy.


It is similar to the Over watch game and among the best games on steam. Thegame aims at scoring 4 points and trap the enemy’s fortress. The initial stepis to select a hero who lies within the four classes that include Damage, FrontLine, Support and Flank. After choosing a hero identify your talent and finallypick your loadout that has five cards. It consists of simple maps and visualsthat make the game more enjoyable. This game is a 5v5 shooter game and has acard system that will help you upgrade the different types of heroes.

Star Trek Online

This game takes you to the real world of Star Trek. It helps you choose betweenthe different races and have the chance to build your species if you wish to.You first have to develop your personality then decide on the many options thatare provided. After creating your character, a trial mission is presented thatwill form the basis of the story. You choose to either be a member of theFederation, Romulan Empires or the Klingon.

Path of Exile

This game is set in the fantasy world of Bracelet and is played in a darkenvironment. It has a lot of horrors, darkness, and loots. The game offers manythings that you can learn, and you can concentrate for an extended period. Thisgame is the most played on steam and is readily available to every person. Youare required to choose your character from the seven prisoners and then relatetheir abilities with the color sockets.

Dirty Bomb

This game is among the most challenging games to play on steam. The missionsare set in a competitive environment and require a person who is a team playerand cooperative. It is an addictive game and has bugs that need to be takeninto consideration. It is continuously updated and consists of a community thathelps you learn new things, socialize and be engaged for a long time.


Why pay money to play a game yet you have games that are free to play on steam?Lack of money or paying high prices to play games should come to an end. Tryout the above eight free games and see how fun they are. Keep updated with thelist over at as it will be updated ona regular basis.

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