The Online Browser Games Worth Playing

    Browser games don’t require any fancy equipment to play. At worst players might need to download a new browser or plug-in. Add to it, that a lot of browser games are free, some with in-game purchases and this makes them immensely popular with gamers all over the world.

    Browser games have come along way since the early Java and Flash games, a lot of which were browser recreations of arcade classics such as Pac-Man. As the Internet speeds up and technology advances, games keep up. A quick scan of shows games with graphics far removed from Pac-Man and in a world that offers competition to the major players on the console side.


    Browser games have a very social aspect. The wide appeal of working across devices and platforms make them the most accessible videos games there are. A lot of them are for multiple players across the world at one time, with chat features. Early browser games beat playing against a computer by matching players against each other. That doesn’t mean loners can’t get in on the fun. Single player browser games beat playing that old Solitaire that used to come pre-installed with Windows.

    Personal Preference

    Some people only want to play the recreations of classic arcade games. Others want all the graphics and beauty of a full-blown video game complete with all the explosions and blood splatter and to play in teams. There’s a browser game for everyone without the console investment. Browser games cover all genres. Even major franchises like Game of Thrones have a browser game. The nature of browser games means there doesn’t need to be a large time investment either. Due to lack of investment, players are free to jump around until they find something they like. It is good to go in with a general idea of what’s out there though.

    Economic Strategy Games

    These are a lot more exciting than the name implies. They’re also some of the most popular games. Basically, the player is building something or administering something, from building up and ruling a kingdom to playing as hospital management. The Settlers Online and Tribal Wars 2 are two of the most popular.


    Just as books and films can be broken down into genre fiction, so can games. If a player enjoyed the Game of Thrones TV series or A Song of Ice and Fire books, then there’s a GoT browser game. But they don’t stop there. OGame works like an economic strategy game, but in space for the sci-fi feel.

    War and Battle Royales

    Other popular browser games include War Games and Battle Royale style games. Some people just want to relax by murdering other players or blowing stuff up. World of Tanks is probably the most popular browser game.

    No matter the player preference, there is a style and genre of browser game for them. Start with interests. A hardcore horror fan may want to search out horror themed browser games and go from there.


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