The Biggest Nintendo Switch Games In March 2023

    Rumour has it that the beloved Nintendo Switch may not be long for this world. Since the Switch performance of games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was less than desirable, some have murmured that Nintendo may soon be about to introduce a new piece of hardware that’s more powerful. 

    This would make sense; Nintendo hardware is often bookended by Zelda games, as was the case with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on GameCube, and a new Zelda game is just around the corner. Still, in the meantime, the Switch is going strong, and March is bringing plenty of games to enjoy on Nintendo’s platform. Here are the biggest Nintendo Switch games coming in March 2023.

    Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (March 9th)

    The original Mask of the Lunar Eclipse appeared on Nintendo hardware back in 2008; it was a Wii exclusive that, for some reason, was never released outside of Japan. Now, Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (as it will be called in Europe) is arriving on the Switch, complete with remastered visuals and some control tweaks. The story takes place on Rougetsu Island and sees protagonist Ruka Minazuki returning to the island after being held captive there years ago.

    Ib (March 9th)

    Originally created in RPG Maker 2000 by indie developer “kouri”, Ib is a puzzle exploration game that sees the titular Ib attempting to escape a twisted eldritch art gallery. The game isn’t really based on reflexes; rather, it’s all about observation and exploration, as well as narrative. If you like more recent narrative horror games like Layers of Fear or Observation, then Ib is likely to be up your street, so make sure you’ve got this one on your radar.

    Oni: Road to to be the Mightiest Oni (March 9th)

    Best described as an “action-adventure game” (for all the good that label does), Oni: Road to be the Mightiest Oni comes to us from developers Kenei Design and Shueisha Games. It’s all about Kuuta, a demon warrior who must explore the island of Kisejima alongside his spirit friend Kazemaru. Together, they must seek out Momotaro, a human-monster hybrid, and seek to become the mightiest oni warriors in the land. If you like Okami, this should scratch a similar itch.

    DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos (March 10th)

    Play as cartoony, outlandish versions of your favourite DC superheroes in this top-down open-world brawler adventure. Mr. Mxyzptlk is on the loose, and it’s up to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to stop him. Along your journey, you’ll meet familiar faces like Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern, and you’ll be able to play alongside another player in 2-player co-op, too, which makes this one perfect for grabbing a friend or family member to play alongside.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (March 14th)

    Trails to Azure is the followup to The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, which arrived on Switch in September 2022. It continues the story of wannabe hero Lloyd Bannings, who finds himself caught up in political intrigue in the land of Crossbell. Lloyd must navigate the competing interests of various factions and personalities, all while attempting to unearth criminal secrets as a member of the Crossbell Police Department. If you like lengthy JRPGs, here’s your game.

    Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (March 17th)

    Bayonetta Origins might be an unlikely spinoff, but it looks adorable and intriguing nonetheless. Rather than the core series’ flamboyant aesthetic, Origins takes on a more storybook look, focusing on Cereza (who would eventually come to be known as Bayonetta) and the demon Cheshire. Together, they must seek the power to save Cereza’s mother, solving puzzles and battling enemies with their combined powers as they do so.

    Remnant: From the Ashes (March 21st)

    Gunfire Games’ Soulslike shooter makes its way to Switch on March 21st. It pits you against hordes of slavering demons known as the Root, arming you with a series of weapons including a pistol and a sniper rifle. As you battle your opponents, you’ll gather loot, upgrade your gear, and perhaps come a little closer to understanding the mystery of what brought the Root to your world. This game will make a great time-killer while you’re on the move or relaxing on your couch.

    Have a Nice Death (March 22nd)

    If you’re more in the market for a platformer roguelite, then Have a Nice Death should fill that remit nicely. You are Death, and your employees have decided that they’ve finally had enough. It’s up to you to restore the various departments of your operation to order, armed with your trusty scythe and a strong sense of bureaucratic duty. As you hack and slash your way through the departments of Death Inc, you’ll gain access to new weapons and spells that will expand your combat capabilities.

    Storyteller (March 23rd)

    It’s a good month to be an indie fan if you’re a Switch owner. Storyteller is a charming-looking “reactive” puzzle game in which you can insert and alter elements of various stories to put your own spin on them. It looks a little like Scribblenauts; you’ll be asked to put together a story, but how you do so is mostly up to you, so you can create interesting new variations on classic tales. The aesthetic is pretty adorable as well, so this’ll be a good one to play with the family.



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