The Best PS4 Accessories For Under £50

    Any gamer worth their salt knows that you can’t just game with the PS4 on its own. If you’re going to maximise the potential of Sony’s wonderful black monolith, you’re going to need some excellent accessories. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll have to break the bank to buy the best accoutrements for your console, but that’s not the case at all. Many of the best things you can buy to augment your experience cost less than you might think. Here are the best PS4 accessories for under £50.

    Best Controller Under £50 –  Sony DualShock 4 Controller (£39.99)

    Put simply, there’s no better controller for the PlayStation 4 than the official DualShock 4. Sony says that “every angle matters” when designing hardware, and that’s definitely evident in the DualShock 4’s design. The controller is a marvel of engineering; it’s beautiful, easy to use, and perfect for hands of all shapes and sizes. There are acceptable third-party options, but a true gamer accepts no substitutes. If you need an extra controller, this is the one to get.

    Best Headset Under £50 – Turtle Beach Recon 70P (£24.99)

    When you’re gaming online, you need two things from your headset: sound quality and comfort. The Turtle Beach Recon 70P provides a staggering amount of both considering its price point. The 40mm speakers in this headset trump some much higher-budget options we’ve tried, and the lightweight design means you can wear the set for hours at a time without it becoming uncomfortable or painful. To top it all off, this headset also works with other platforms.

    Best Non-Gaming Accessory Under £50 – PlayStation Icon Light (£25.00)

    Wanna show off to your friends that you’re a consummate PS4 gamer? Look no further than this beautiful retro PS4 icon light from Argos. The light features the four PlayStation face buttons arranged in a row and mounted on a beautiful black plinth. It’s USB-powered, so you can use it with whatever USB mains plug you like (or even your PS4’s USB ports!). There are three lighting modes: standard, music-reactive, and colour phasing. This light makes the perfect accompaniment to a night of PS4.

    Best Controller Charging Station Under £50 – Venom Twin Docking Station (£12.99)

    If you’re looking for a DualShock 4 docking station that just does what it says on the tin, then this is the perfect unit for you. The Venom Twin Docking Station complements the aesthetic of the PS4 perfectly, whether you’ve got the Slim or the Pro. It charges two controllers and features an LED that displays the current charging status of each controller. This station doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but for the asking price, it’s an absolute steal.

    Best Subscription Service Under £50 – 12-Month PlayStation Pro Subscription

    Any PlayStation 4 gamer worth their salt knows that a PlayStation Plus subscription is basically mandatory. For £49.99 a year (that works out at around £4.17 a month), you’ll get access to online play in all supported PS4 games, exclusive discounts to enjoy in the PlayStation store, and two games per month to enjoy. This month’s games are the excellent baseball title MLB The Show 19 and the modern classic The Last of Us: Remastered.

    Best Controller Addons Under £50 – KontrolFreek Battle Royale: Nightfall PS4 Thumbsticks (£14.99)

    Since the PS4 first came out, there have been complaints that the DualShock 4’s analog stick rubber doesn’t hold up to protracted gaming sessions. It’s our only complaint about the official controller, but it’s easily remedied by these KontrolFreek grips. They slot nicely over your existing DualShock 4 analog sticks and provide a grippy, hard-wearing alternative. Once you’ve played with these on, you’ll wonder how you ever used the sticks without them.

    Best Arcade Stick Under £50 – Hori Fighting Stick Mini (£34.99)

    Paying a budget price for a fight stick isn’t going to get you premium options, but there’s a surprising amount of quality on offer if you know where to look. The Hori Fighting Stick Mini has a robust build quality, responsive buttons, and a sleek, compact aesthetic. It sits nicely alongside your existing controllers and will give you a competitive edge over those using conventional controllers. The 3m cable is also nice for those situated a little further from their consoles.

    Best Carry Case Under £50 – USA Gear Console Carry Case (£36.99, Amazon)

    This carry case fits every PlayStation 4 model and even works with PS3 as well. There’s a compartment for the console, of course, but you’ll also find dedicated areas for controllers, headsets, and any other accessories you might want to take with you. The case itself is lightweight but hard-wearing; it’ll protect your PlayStation from all kinds of scrapes and scuffs. We wouldn’t necessarily throw our console around in this case, but we’d be very confident taking it on a plane as hand luggage.

    Best Controller Charging Cable – Anker 3m Charging Cable (£15.99, Amazon)

    Mark our words: the next generation of PlayStation consoles will not be using Micro USB as a charging standard. The Nintendo Switch already uses USB-C, along with the vast majority of modern flagship smartphones, so PlayStation will follow suit. In the meantime, though, charge your PS4 controllers with this beautifully durable Anker cable. It’s braided, which means it has the wow factor in terms of looks, but it’s also dependable. This is the perfect charging cable for your controllers.


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