The Best PC Games For June 2023

    Sometimes, it feels like PC gamers are especially hard done by. Recently, somewhat lacklustre ports of The Last of Us Part I and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor caused consternation among PC gamers, who lamented the games’ poor performance even on higher-end machines, and there are plenty of other examples of major AAA game releases seemingly snubbing PC gamers. 


    Even still, we think that PC gaming remains one of the most exciting and engaging ways to enjoy games, so let’s take a look at the best PC games coming in June 2023. Let’s hope these games’ PC versions are ready for the big time!


    We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie (June 1st)

    Although we have a lot of affection for the original Katamari Damacy (you could even say “we love” it), We Love Katamari is the game we most remember playing during our younger years. This remastered version revamps the UI and makes it more readable, as well as tweaking some mechanics and overhauling the visuals. Don’t worry, though; it’ll still have that classic Katamari feel. What’s more, it comes with several brand new challenges in which you can play as everyone’s favourite terrifying abomination, the King of All Cosmos.


    Street Fighter 6 (June 2nd)

    It’s almost time for everyone’s favourite fighting game franchise to make its triumphant return. Street Fighter 6 features a brand new, expanded single-player mode that should appeal if you’ve ever felt like previous games in the series were a little low on solo content. Of course, it also gives you the opportunity to do battle with your friends in local multiplayer or random players online, although you’d better be bringing your A game if you’re intending to jump into online lobbies.


    Diablo 4 (June 6th)

    After many years in the wilderness, the general consensus regarding Diablo 4 appears to be that the franchise is, to coin a phrase, coming home. Diablo 3 was divisive thanks to what some perceived to be a watered-down aesthetic, and the less said about the mobile cash grab Diablo Immortal, the better. Diablo 4 takes things back to basics: it’s just you, a horde of monsters, and an ever-expanding table of loot to grab and use to optimise your build.


    Park Beyond (June 16th)

    Park Beyond is the theme park simulator that you’ve been craving ever since you wore out your copy of Planet Coaster. Unlike many other theme park sims, Park Beyond has a pretty strong narrative element to it; Bandai Namco and developer Limbic have expressed a wish to move beyond the classic simulator genre and enter new and uncharted territory. Don’t worry, though; there’ll still be plenty of great management sim gameplay to enjoy, and what’s more, there’s a sandbox mode, so if you don’t want to engage with the narrative, you can instead just putter about creating the park of your dreams.


    Aliens: Dark Descent (June 20th)

    This squad-based tactical game takes place in the Aliens universe and revolves around a squad of Colonial Marines, who have been dispatched to Planet Lethe in order to stem the terrifying tide of a new Xenomorph outbreak. You’ll need to use all of the tools at your marines’ disposal in order to accomplish your task. Pick different classes to optimise your team, research new tech to upgrade your combat capabilities, and use all of your cunning to emerge victorious.


    Trepang2 (June 21st)

    Don’t worry; despite the name, you haven’t missed out on the first instalment of this shooter franchise. Trepang2 should bring back warm, fuzzy memories of mid-2000s shooters like Killzone and F.E.A.R, so if you grew up with games like that – or if you’re just looking for a hit of classic tactical shooter action – this is the game for you. The gunplay feels great, the enemies are numerous and remarkably smart, and the extra powers you have access to elevate the experience above its peers.


    Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life (June 27th)

    We’re excited to get our hands on this classic piece of PS2-era revivalist fantasy. Story of Seasons is the franchise you might better know as Harvest Moon, and if you’re ever in need of some entertainment for an hour or two, look up the story regarding what’s happened to that franchise. A Wonderful Life was originally released for sixth-generation machines in the mid-2000s, but this remake revamps the visuals, adds new animals and gameplay mechanics, and brings much more to the table besides.


    Revival: Recolonization (June 28th)

    If you like your 4X strategy post-apocalyptic, then Revival: Recolonization is definitely for you. Its familiar hex-based movement should bring back memories of Civilization, but this is a much more fantastical experience than Firaxis’ relatively grounded strategy series. You’ll need to contend with hazards like weather changes, weapon bans, and even the undead as you attempt to build a new civilization from the ashes of the old one. Will you rise to the challenge of rebuilding humanity?


    Crime O’Clock (June 30th)

    This charming-looking black-and-white detective game mixes the sedate joy of Hidden Folks with the narrative-based sleuthing of classic adventure titles. You won’t need any twitch reflex skill or platforming nous to play this one; instead, all you’ll need is your brain, a little spare time, and a willingness to engage with some gorgeously-rendered maps. You’ll meticulously comb each map for clues, and maps will change as you go, revealing new adventures and mysteries.


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