The Best Free Mobile Games

Have you ever waited for someone for so long that you got bored? What about waiting at the bus stop for your next ride to town? Mobile games are very convenient because you can play them whenever you feel like as they are already on your phone. Having a game on your phone can keep you entertained as you wait for your next activity.

However, finding the games that are just the way you want them, can be such a hurdle. If you are a lucky enough to find a good mobile game, it usually contains in app purchases and at some point you need to pay to move further. Not all free games are great either. Some of them take up a lot of space on the phone, some of them bug as they do not have constant support.

We have searched (and found!) 6 very good mobile games that you can enjoy without paying anything!

Critical Ops

If you love shooting games between bad guys and the good guys then this game is for you. Here you can choose to be the terrorist or the police. The game challenge is to shoot as many terrorists as possible while keeping yourself safe. You can play with your friends, or simply enjoy the single player mode. It has in-app purchases for more fun.

EA Sports Games

If you love sports games then you must have interacted with EA Sports. It is the leading game-making company that specializes in sports. With this game, you can play FIFA Soccer, UFC fights, Madden NFL Overdrive Games, et cetera. The graphics are so good that you would think you are on the actual field playing the real game.

HQ Trivia

Are you a big fan of trivia challenges? If you are then the level of competitiveness in HQ Trivia will give you thrills. The game has twelve questions, with a host that asks these questions. Every player has 10 seconds to respond to a question. when the twelve questions come to an end, those who are still standing split the reward money. You can get the game for free; it doesn’t have in-app purchases.

Casino Slots

Sometimes there is nothing more fun than playing casino slots on your mobile. Slots are fun, amusing and you don’t even have to spend money. There are websites such as Casino Mobile where you can find these awesome games for free.

NOVA Legacy

If you will not love this game for anything else, then you must love it for the graphics. The graphics makes the game so real while the controls are very responsive, giving you a rich experience with the game. NOVA being one of the best game makers of the first shooters games did a lot more with the NOVA legacy. The best thing with this game is that it is not just about shooting people, it has a good story line. If you have garnered enough confidence you can play the multiplayer online. With a sci-fi story line, great graphics and responsive controls, this game should be one of your best mobile games now.

Plague Inc.

Have you ever thought of being the God of destruction? Well, this game will give you the power to destroy the world with diseases. All you have to do is to mutate disease and infect the world with the disease. There are so many diseases in the game, and each has its outbreak strategy you can capitalize on to cause mass deaths. The game is one of the most challenging and entertaining mobile games you can find for free.

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In conclusion, if you love playing mobile games, you should not be limited by your ability of purchase. you can find these games, plus others and keep your gaming juices flowing.

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