The Best Arcade Fight Sticks For Console Gamers

    With the introduction of games such as Tekken 7 and Injustice 2, playing fighting games has become increasingly fun for everyone. However, if playing such games with a controller has led to cramped hands and blistered thumbs for you to deal with, then you may want to buy a fight stick.

    A fighting stick basically reproduces the same feel that old arcade machines provided. The joystick and large round buttons provide the hands with a lot of breathing room. However, since all fight sticks are not created equally, here are some of the best arcade fight sticks for you to choose from:

    1. F300 May Flash Arcade Fight Stick

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    This is a simple stick for starters; it comes with 8 buttons along with indications and can be used with your PC, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is designed for all kinds of games. Take note that you can’t use this stick for long periods of gaming as it can’t tolerate intense-handling.

    The stick comes with mediocre quality and tolerable buttons. The greatest thing about this May Flash stick is its compatibility, particularly with the PC as it can run on Windows 7, Windows 6, and Windows 10.

    Moreover, the adequate heft, along with the rubber feet holds the fight stick in place firmly. As a starter stick, it is a decent one, and you can enjoy various games. However, the design is quite boring, and if you want to use this with an Xbox One or PS4, then you will need a controller.

    1. Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick TE2+

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    The arcade fight stick by Mad Catz features high-quality Sanwa parts, excellent design, and extra R3 and L3 buttons. It comes with a Denshi design and Vewlix style, making this a high-quality fight stick.

    The handle has a Sanwa JLF ball-top, and a square restrictor gate which makes the handle durable, flexible, and accurate. Moreover, the 8 action buttons are slightly resistant but are sensitive, making them ideal for fighting games.

    The touchpad is also well-made. On the right of the touch-pad there are additional R3 and L3 buttons, and on the left, there are buttons for switching between a PS3 and PS4. The fight stick has also made ‘mod’ quite easy; with a press of a button, the customization dialogue is accessible. Internal access offers storage for additional materials.

    The case is made with an excellent combination of rubber, glass, plastic, and metal. It is compatible with the PC, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. The major drawback of this fight stick is its high price. For some people, the placement of the start/select button might also be quite inconvenient.

    1. Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

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    This is a classic bestseller arcade fight stick. Not only is it elegant and durable, but it also has a commendable touchpad. Compared to the other fight sticks, this is an inexpensive stick and has outstanding quality. Since it is an original Hori Hayabusa, it permits precise and fast inputs.

    The spring’s return rate is great as it bounces back in an agile and natural way. Moreover, the ball of the joystick is placed closer to the joystick’s base, thus giving this joystick a lower height. The 8 Hori Kuro action buttons, despite being extremely slim, are incredibly durable and responsive.

    The control buttons are placed right next to all the action buttons. On one side of the case, there is turbo functionality along with an extra R3 button and L3 button. The stick also features a well-made touchpad.

    Compared to the other fight sticks, modding of the Hori Pro 4 requires effort. You will have to open the case manually, but from there the modding will be easy for you. The case of this arcade fight stick is wider than other sticks, and the buttons are placed a little higher, thus making this a little unique. The bottom side of the arcade stick is metal along with two rubber layers, so you can comfortably place it on your knees.

    You can use this with the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. Two things you must know are that the handle is small for people with big hands and compared to other buttons, the buttons on this joystick feel stiff.

    1. Venom Arcade Stick

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    The Venom arcade fight stick has been licensed officially by Venom, and it has an exclusive dual format specially designed for the PS3 and PS4 systems. This arcade fight stick features a micro-switched steel shaft joystick which promises arcade quality responsiveness.

    The joystick also features an ergonomic layout along with turbo functions. Meanwhile, the premium quality components fitted in this arcade fight stick also promise exceptional durability.

    The arcade fight stick by Venom has a contemporary and sleek space-saving design that compliments the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 well. With this arcade fight stick, you can enjoy an authentic arcade experience thanks to the buttons and joystick. It has the 8 button layout and features the unique PlayStation 4 share button.

    The arcade stick is designed for added stability and comfort while also promising portability. The 3 meter USB cable doesn’t cause any restrictions in movement.

    1. 8Bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick

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    This arcade fight stick meant for the Nintendo Switch comes with a red, black, and grey color schemes; the purpose of which was to evoke the NES and the original controller. This color combination is ideal for all the retro fans and is quite appealing to the eye.

    However, the design also means that players will have to face numerous restrictions when they try to mod the stick.

    While the NES30 arcade fight stick is quite difficult to set up, it works quite well once everything is set up. This arcade stick can be paired with your Switch via Bluetooth, and it can also be connected to your phone and PC.

    With a loose lever, low-grade plastic button, and no amenities such as a headphone jack, this arcade fight stick is only suitable for beginners and not for the hardcore lovers of fighting games. In fact, it is suitable more for retro gamers who want to use the arcade stick to have the full arcade feel. It is important to note that this isn’t compatible with the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

    1. MadCatz Arcade Stick

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    This arcade fight stick by MadCatz is an eye-catching and amazing piece of art. The front plate features a Soul Calibur art along with a translucent finish and the Namco Noir button layout. The MadCatz fight stick is a high-end stick suitable for intense fighting. The rubber feet and the metal plate promise stability.

    The buttons used in this fight stick are Sanwa Denshi parts that make almost no noise when they are clicked, and they offer impressive responsiveness. Like all other fight sticks, the MadCatz arcade fight stick also has an 8-button layout. The start button is situated on the side so that there are no accidental presses.

    This arcade fight stick also comes with a few control buttons including the turbo button. It also has the lock and unlock switch for the controller which deactivates all those buttons that you don’t want to use.

    Modifying this arcade fight stick is easy and offers internal storage too. It is compatible only with PS3 and the Xbox 360 depending on the chosen model. Since this arcade stick is fitted with high-quality parts and is appealing to the eyes, it is ideal for both function and form.

    Wrapping It Up

    The best arcade fight stick depends on your use. Today, there are fight sticks present for entry-level fighting, as well as for intense fighting games as well. When it comes to arcade fight sticks, it all comes down to making yourself familiar with the stick so that you can pull off all the moves you want for the best gaming experience!


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