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    The Schedule of DOTA 2 Upcoming Matches allows you to follow all the trends and news in the game. Dota 2 esports teams are fighting for victory. Dota 2 recent matches attracted a large number of users. Players each time they choose a new character and team up with other players to fight against the opposing team. Battles last 30-50 minutes and take place on a special map. 

    The team is everything in esports Dota 2  

    The fact that Dota 2 esports is a team game makes it incredibly popular. There are different roles within the team, which brings different people together. Here it is up to you to find the right role for you. Someone likes to attack, someone to defend, someone to mine the resources. In Dota 2 pro games today, at the training stage, it’s important to go through different characters to emotionally choose those that are close to you. And to understand which role in the team is closest to you.

    Today, in Dota 2 esports you can find 119 unique characters with different abilities. Just think about it: you get over a million different combinations out of this diversity. This means that a player, and even more so a beginner, should have a clear understanding of which characters work well with each other and which don’t. All of the character combinations that exist in esports Dota 2 form the strategy for the game.

    There are 7 main strategies in Dota 2 ongoing matches

    1) push

    2) split push

    3) push fast

    4) mass fight

    5) pressure by force

    6) roaming

    7) late game tactics



    In Dota 2 placement matches, this tactic is rarely used because it is completely unforgiving. In professional Dota 2 matches, a failed push can lead to defeat. Losing in Dota 2 esports tournaments will result in a forfeit. All you have to do is make one small mistake and you’re almost 100% likely to lose the game.

    Using a push strategy is relevant when all of your characters can deal high damage to enemy buildings: Pugna, Leshrac, Dragon Knight, Jakiro, Chen, and others.

    In Dota 2 matches online, you may notice that professional players use several tactics at once in the same game. This is done so that if one strategy fails, they have a chance to switch to another. 

    Split push

    This strategy in esports Dota 2 is to constantly put pressure on the enemy on several lines at once. It is advisable to use this tactic when your spades are weaker than those of the enemy team. However, there are some nuances. For this strategy to work, you need special ties of heroes. These include Wisp + Tini, Furion + Amber Spirit with Boots of Travel, Naga Siren with his illusions, and Anti-Mage with his high mobility.

    Push fast

    Dota 2 today’s games assume a quick win. That’s the idea behind this strategy. Your heroes should be able to quickly build up their combat power, which will allow you to finish the game quickly. The main problem with this strategy is the current comeback system, which, if you lose one fight, reduces the whole strategy to nothing.

    Massive Fighting

    This tactic consists of a large number of characters with area abilities. Usually, there are such characters in every peak, and there are several of them at once. The following characters would fit under this strategy: Sand King, Tidehunter, Gyrocopter, Dark Sire, Shaker, Enigma, Magnusi, and others. Pick a few of these characters and you will be very hard to beat.

    Pressure by force

    The basic idea of this strategy revolves around raising the right levels and buying 1-2 defense items. You should also be able to play aggressively and push. The live score of Dota 2 will depend on the characters. Bristleback, Chaos Knight, Lifestealer, Doom, Dragon Knight, Necrophos, Abaddon, Treant Protector, and many others will fit this Dota 2 esports strategy.


    This is one of the simplest strategies in Dota 2 today. You choose one or two characters. They should go from one line to another line. You need to take three characters that don’t depend on support being on the line. At the same time, they should be able to kill a character when that support comes to the line. An example of good picks for roaming is Shadow Demon, Lina, Gyrocopter, Centaur, and Nix.


    Tactics for late game

    This strategy consists of delaying the game until late-game Dota 2 matches. Late-game tactics are the exact opposite of pushing fast. Today, however, Dota 2 matches rarely drag on until a full-fledged late game. Although with the latest updates, Valve wants it badly. If, however, in the same game come across teams, one of which will hope for a late and the other for a push fast, then it will be very difficult to predict who will win. Then everything in Dota 2 matches will depend on the actions of each team.

    Another cool strategy is the contra pick. This is the most effective strategy in Dota 2 esports. If you watch Dota 2 live matches, you will notice that even some teams use this technique on Dota 2 matches. Its essence is that the team picks characters that lead over the enemy. For example, a team in Dota 2 esports chooses Bloodseeker against Slark and starts crushing him from the first minutes of the match. In doing so, the team tries to respond to every character’s choice from the enemies. The expectation is that the game will be about even. The result will be the advantage of the team that was able to choose more appropriate characters. 

    To win in esports Dota 2 is not enough just to play well. Because it is primarily a team game, you need to learn how to find common ground with the team. You can follow the Dota 2 matches schedule and develop your team. Your team will be good if you increase your knowledge and skills. 

    The choice of strategy is always up to you. It is not necessary to choose a particular direction, because everything depends on the implementation. You can choose a balanced combat peak, relevant in the early and middle stages. The main thing is not to make critical mistakes.


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