Rust vs. CSGO Gambling

    Throughout the last decade, online gambling has gradually evolved into a massive and lucrative industry. The growing popularity of skin gambling only contributed to this successful run, as more and more players are willing to bet skins instead of real cash.

    Amid this scenario, Rust and CS:GO-themed gambling sites lead the way as absolute fan favorites, as it’s proven by research endeavors like In this article, you will understand the essentials of skin gambling and what differentiates gambling sites based on Rust and CSGO.


    The Basics of Skin Gambling – Rust vs. CSGO

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the world’s most famous FPS game with millions of fans spread around the globe and a whole industry based on competitive tournaments and similar events. 

    Released a decade ago, CSGO was the game responsible for introducing the concept of skin to iGaming. A skin is basically a purely cosmetic item that does not affect the player’s abilities or skill but can significantly improve a character’s look and make gamers feel unique.

    Also created by Valve, Rust follows CSGO in popularity but is not as famous as its “older brother.” Both games emerged in the online gambling industry due to the rise of tradable items.

    Since 2020, Rust gambling has become more popular with the increasing number of players opting for sites like RustChance, RustyLoot, HowlGG, and others. On these websites, gamblers can have fun with games like Jackpot, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette, and other options while wagering with skins.


    How to Wager on Skin Gambling Sites – Deposits & Withdrawals 

    As expected, skin gambling sites focus on deposits and withdrawals in the form of in-game items. Both fans of Rust and CS:GO have the chance to select skins from their inventories and use them as digital currencies to gamble on games.

    Depending on the chosen website, users have the option to wager skins directly on games or might have to exchange the selected skins for credits or coins. While most sites focus solely on skins, several of them also allow players to deposit with credit cards, e-wallets, or even cryptocurrencies.

    After bulking up their balances, players can cash out their earnings with skins. Many sites offer built-in marketplaces where gamblers can choose how to withdraw the equivalent amount held in their balances for skins.

    Some platforms offer proper inventories, while others rely on P2P marketplaces where players trade skins among themselves. It is possible to find sites where winners can withdraw real cash or crypto, but these are exceptions to the rule.


    Are Rust Skins as Valuable as Items from CSGO?

    One of the key differences between Rust and CS:GO gambling is the value of the skins involved in the gambling process. CS:GO was responsible for creating the “skin fever,” which explains the value of items from this pioneering game. 

    Determining the value of CS:GO skins depends on several factors, such as the float, the rarity of the item, the demand, the association with special events, and the stickers applied to it. 

    For example, a trader offered $1.4 million in exchange for a single Case Hardened Blue Gem Karambit knife. While there are CS:GO skins worth just a few cents, this case shows how extreme the pricing range can be for these items. 

    Conversely, Rust skins are not as expensive. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of gamblers can confirm how easier is to win Rust skins in comparison with CS:GO items. In this sense, Rust gambling could not differ more from CSGO gambling sites. 

    Another sensible difference is that Rust skins do not have only cosmetic applications, as they can affect a player’s ability to survive in the savage wilderness of the game.


    Rust vs. CSGO Gambling – Is it Worth Spending Time Wagering on These Sites?

    Ultimately, skin gambling shares the same basic principles as standard gambling with several advantages unique to its kind. Back in the industry’s dawn, most gambling sites lacked proper regulation and proven results. 

    However, things have changed drastically with the introduction of provably fair systems and robust licensing efforts.  Nowadays, any player can enjoy fair gambling based on Rust or CS:GO skins with completely legit results.

    Additionally, understanding how these games work in detail and the use of high-quality bankroll management strategies can significantly improve the whole gambling experience in both cases.


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