Review of Madden NFL 22

    Madden NFL 22 is the latest offering from the long-time running franchise. John Madden was born in 1936 and was originally a Coach and later in his career, a well-known sportscaster. Given that he won a title with the Oakland Raiders as head coach and also the number of years he spent commentating, it’s only fitting that he has the most popular football game of all time. While there have been many other NFL based games, Madden is the staple of the industry as far as NFL games are concerned.

    One thing people have also used Madden for over the years is to simulate games to try and predict NFL odds and scores for the season ahead. Why do this, you ask? Well, whether it be between friends or not, people like to put little bets on games and with the advances of AI and more, the realisticness of game simulation is higher than ever before. I mean, we all want to have the best odds of being as successful as possible, so mind as we make use of every tool at our disposal!

    The problem with franchise games is finding something new to offer the fans every year. It’s not always an easy task but I do believe Madden has a couple of tricks up their sleeves for those interested in Madden 22! Two of the biggest new features are the Dynamic Gameplay and Franchise mode. Dynamic Gameplay is AI-powered and is going to make the game replicate what happens in the real world as best possible. It is powered by real-world dynamics and is even meant to emulate the real players and teams as much as possible.

    While the idea of Franchise mode isn’t anything new, in Madden 22 they have upped the game a bit and have some amazing new features to make it a more immersive experience.

    • Franchise staff and staff points – You are in control of every member of your staff from the front office to the field! You can even use an RPG style talent system to build your staff just how you want. You can also use the scouting system to assign your staff to national or regional areas to make sure you are getting the most from scouting and you will be able to find out more details of your prospective players than ever before.
    • Weekly strategies – This is going to allow you to strategize and take more control of your team than ever before. Who, where and when you play will have more of an impact on your team than ever before, some make sure you are ready with a good strategy. You will be able to study your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses like never before and act accordingly in a real-time fashion. You can even manage your team practice intensity to help with their overall fatigue levels.
    • Franchise Hub – Here will be an activities list to know what you need to do week in and week out. There is also a news tab to keep you up to date with everything going on around the league. You will also have access to manage your roster much easier so you can sign free agents and more.

    While not new per se, the Madden Ultimate Team is one of the bigger aspects of the game. As the name suggests it allows you to build up your Ultimate Team from players around the league and you can even use this team to compete online against others. Using the Ultimate Team you can even earn rewards and use these to upgrade your team, giving you the chance to have the best Ultimate Team of all! Your Ultimate Team can be made up of current pros or even Hall of Fame players so you have a myriad of options at your disposal.

    There are a number of new features for Madden 22 and a number of old ones that have been updated and revamped. Overall, Madden 22 is a well worthy upgrade over the previous Madden 21 and while it is not without some minor issues, these will hopefully all be sorted out in the near future. The Scouting options are one of those areas I feel like could use a bit more depth in some places but overall, it’s a good start and hopefully a future update can sort this issue out. The great thing about games these days is a simple update can fix a lot of issues and if Madden 22 keeps going in the direction it is, it could essentially be the best Madden game of all time which would also mean it is the best Football game we have ever seen! It has more realness than ever and the fact that you can finally control every aspect of the team makes it feel like you really are in charge of your very own NFL team.


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