Quest & Adventure Gaming is Here to Stay and Here’s Why

    Quest and adventure games are alive and kicking. While timeless classics never seize to amaze, virtual and augmented reality tech creates a more immersive gaming experience.

    Quest & Adventure Games: Old Gold and the Bright Future Foretold

    Puzzlers, point-and-click adventures, and exploration games hold a special place in players’ hearts. They pull you in with enthralling atmosphere, smart dialogue, and sheer thrill of discovery. We all know the “classic literature”, but we also have to notice that modern technology is breathing new life into the genre. We are no longer confined to just sitting in front of the screen: digital technologies are blurring the lines between the digital and real-world realms.

    The old and the new

    Adventure and quest games are always a special treat.

    Just take the example of timeless classics that defined the genre: Dragon’s Quest, Minecraft, Gone Home, The Walking Dead, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and The Secret of Monkey Island. Dragon’s Quest is a particularly impressive example: the franchise spawned titles across 20 different consoles and over more than three decades. Its success and longevity is an inspiration for developers worldwide.

    They also bring us to a key point: adventure games are still going strong nowadays. They are still found across all major platforms, including PC, mobile, PS4, and Xbox.

    For instance, the spirit of adventure is spreading to sectors like online gambling. Classic slot games now make way for adventure-themed titles with great graphics, animations, and sounds. So, if you want to explore this side of gambling, play Gonzo’s Quest. Embark on Conquistador’s journey to El Dorado’s opulent rewards and riches. You can even use the money to fund a real-world escapade!

    Breaking new ground

    Furthermore, the new style of adventure gaming is on the rise, largely thanks to the Pokémon GO, a real game-changer.

    Its innovative gameplay mechanics and the smart use of Augmented Reality (AR) achieved something incredible. The game got people moving and engaging in social activity. Namely, never before have players been able to jump into the cyberworld and at the same time reap amazing health benefits of sunlight exposure, nature exploration, and urban walking.

    This Pokémon Quest review suggests that Nintendo managed to keep the adventurous momentum going and expand the legendary monster-hunting franchise further.

    The audience can’t have enough

    It is clear that a wide and diverse audience enjoys these kinds of games. But, why exactly?

    Well, part of it is related to a chance to escape the worries and tedious routines of day-to-day life.  In the majestic digital world, impossible is nothing and you can be anyone you want to be.

    Besides that innate desire, I would argue that virtual reality is taking the gaming experience to the whole new level. Software and hardware requirements are improving by leaps and bounds, which allows VR to make games much more immersive. Wearing a headset, players are absorbed in their personal gaming experience and everything else fades away.

    A look into the future

    There is little doubt that the stream of fresh adventure and quest titles is going to continue in the foreseeable future.

    Let us also not forget about DLC and add-ons that are boosting the lifespan of games with new game modes, characters, levels, objects, items, challenges, etc.  Although essentially a form of video game monetisation, these updates keep players interested and at the edge of their seats.

    So, I would say that adventure games need not fear for their future. It is a bright as a gleaming diamond polished after centuries of residing in a mysterious treasure chest.


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