Old School RuneScape: Easiest Bosses for Beginners

    In Old School RuneScape, the most efficient method to level up your account is to take on the game’s several bosses. You will gradually earn better equipment and grow more familiar with the mechanics that are utilized by the bosses. In addition to this, there is a huge range of obstacles to overcome, some of which are quite difficult while others are a piece of cake.

    Before any of us can even attempt to run, we have to master the art of walking. Every single person who has played Old School RuneScape started off by studying the straightforward bosses before moving on to the more challenging ones. Now that we’ve established that, let’s take a look at some of the more manageable bosses in the game, which were designed to prepare you for what’s to come.

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    The Varrock Sewers Queen

    The moss giant is both a pay-to-win and a free-to-play monster in this fight! Because it is only level 128 and has 115 hit points, the Bryophyta boss is fairly easy to kill for the vast majority of gamers. Her gameplay teaches lower-level players the fundamentals of a mid-level player against monster combat with a few very simple concepts.

    In combat, she will use both melee and magical attacks; thus, it is advised that you carry melee gear and pray for protection from magical attacks. In order to challenge this monster, you will first need to collect some Mossy Keys, which also are looted from regular moss giants. Because killing Bryophyta costs one key, which is equivalent to one try, it might be difficult to farm this monster.

    You may find her on the furthest edge of the Varrock Sewers, which is also where the other Moss Giants are located.


    The Waterbirth Island Brothers

    The Dagannoth Rex is the most straightforward of the Dagannoth Kings to fight and will use the melee assault type against you. The 303-level Rex has 255 hit points and is particularly vulnerable to being killed by magical means.

    The reason why catching Rex is so simple is that he’s easily identifiable if you attract him in the right way. This indicates that you will sustain zero harm at any time. You will just have to take precautions to avoid drawing the notice of the two other DKs, specifically Prime and Supreme. Because once they start harassing you, they won’t stop until you physically remove yourself from the room.

    If you are not cautious, Prime is also capable of quickly taking your life. However, due to the fact that he often loses the very costly Berserker ring, Rex is the Dagannoth King that yields the highest return on investment.

    Against Rex, the majority of mid-level players armed with Iban’s Staff or a Trident of the Seas may do rather well. Before approaching Dagannoth, it is strongly suggested that you get a Slayer Task for Dagannoth first. You may find him near the very end of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, which is the location of the Dagannoth Kings’ residence.


    The Hill Giants Nightmare

    Obor, the Hill Giant Monster, is the least difficult boss in FtP. He has a battle level of 106 and 120 hit points, and he is the simplest boss to defeat. Obor is intended to serve as a boss for players of lesser levels since he presents relatively little challenge against high-level players. He uses both long-range and close-quarters combat in his assaults.

    I recommend that lower-level players try to entangle him, pray range, and strike him from a distance rather than get close to him. Because of this, you will be unable to sustain any harm. Additionally, Obor is known to drop the massive Hill Giant Club, which is the most powerful weapon in FtP and is worth a significant amount of money.

    You will require a Hill Giant Key in order to challenge Obor. With one Key, you have one shot at beating the boss. You need just go to the Edgeville Dungeon, which is where all of the Hill Giants have always been located, to locate him.


    The Falador Park Creature

    The Giant Mole and her den may be found buried many feet below the surface of the earth at Falador Park. 230 is her current combat level, and she has 200 health points. The Mole may be fought with little difficulty as well if you have the protection from melee prayer up. If you do that, nobody will ever strike you.

    During the course of the battle, the mole may periodically dig about her cave; therefore, it will be necessary for you to locate her. When you have completed the Falador hard diary, this task becomes considerably simpler for you since it will then always show you where she is located. In general, this is a relatively simple boss fight that does not provide many challenges.

    In addition to being very lucrative, it has the potential to generate 900 thousand gold an hour when operated at its full capacity. It seems that the huge mole has the potential to be the most lucrative monster in this game, in addition to being the least challenging. You may get into the area under Falador Park by using a spade to dig through one of the Mole Hills. Don’t forget to bring along a source of light!


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