Where Next for James Bond 007 – A Future Exclusive?

007 GoldenEye was a masterpiece, helping to define the Nintendo 64’s success. After all, it was such exclusive games that delivered the ultimate entertainment experience. In fact, it is for this very reason that I’d like to see the next Bond game be an exclusive once again – otherwise, I doubt we will see an award winner.

Clearly, the opportunity is there for Nintendo or Sony to venture into the idea of developing an exclusive for a new James Bond title. In regards to the movie, firms must bid in order to secure the rights to the franchise. Sony secured the rights for the last decade, and it’s for this reason that you Sony must have pondered releasing a game counterpart as an exclusive with the PS4. Sadly, it appears as though Sony has not delivered the goods thus far.

Ultimately, it becomes quite confusing and too many interests at play. You’ve got the movie distributors, creators, publishers, etc. These interests can surely prevent and dictate what happens in regard to a video game counterpart.

goldeneye n64 in HD
goldeneye n64 in HD

Rumour has it that Teltale Games are working on a new Bond title, but there is little substance to these claims, other than a random leak of a small screengrab. If true, we could be seeing Bond Solstice released this year.

There is much uncertainty and rumours surrounding the Bond franchise as a whole. For example, many are wondering who will take the reigns after Daniel Craig. Some are even believing that a female might play the role – something I find quite strange since the name James has no connection to females.

A new James Bond game, if done well, could impact on a console’s sales, that’s if it was an exclusive. We all remember just how welcomed GoldenEye was to the Nintendo 64 – fine in all aspects, from gameplay to visuals and soundtracks to replayability. Without this release, I doubt the demand would be there for a new title, but we all want to see something special.

What are your thoughts on this subject? What would you like to see from the next Bond game? Do you think it will be an exclusive? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments down below in the comment box below.


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