Mods for Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40

    Download Mods for Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40 and add new blocks, mobs, and items to the cube world!

    Best Mods for Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40

    The world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18 surprises with its diversity. Here the player can spend hours and hours exploring new spaces of the cube world. Also, developers often release updates, adding even more new things. But even if this is not enough, then various mods will always come to the rescue.

    Mo Creatures

    As you know, Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40 has a huge number of different mobs. The user meets them almost everywhere, wherever possible. During the day, these are most often ordinary animals that are useful for survival.

    And at night, enemy mobs begin to appear. Over time, the player starts to get used to them and gets bored. The Mo Creatures modification will add many different creatures to the cube world: mystical, dinosaurs, giraffes, and much more.



    During survival in Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40, you have to travel a lot. It takes a lot of time, so the best solution is to use a vehicle. And you can get it using Car mod.

    A wide variety of cars will appear in the game: Nissan, Hummer, BMW. Here everyone will find for themselves what they like.



    The player in Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40 has a variety of achievements that need to be received. But they haven’t changed much over the years, so they got bored. With the help of the Achievement mod, you can fix this defect.

    The game will have new and interesting achievements that will make survival much more interesting. The user will have to go through various tests and difficulties to complete them.



    It’s no secret that there are many different creatures in Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40. Some of them are neutral, while others, on the contrary, are hostile. Such mobs as residents are very helpful. You can buy various valuable items from them.

    With the installation of the Morph modification, the player has the opportunity to transform into other creatures. Thus, the player can feel, for example, in the role of a zombie. So you can scare your friends and have fun with them.


    Better Foliage

    One of the significant drawbacks of Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.40 is that the environment is rather unrealistic. Better Foliage mod will fix this.

    First of all, this modification will add 3D foliage, which will make the trees more realistic. Also, the grass will become much greener and more pleasing to the eye.



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