Kevin Durant Explains Nets Exit and Praises Phoenix Project

    Kevin Durant’s trade to the Phoenix Suns is one that is the subject of an incredible amount of discussion among fans and NBA pundits, and the former Brooklyn Nets star has made it clear what he felt was the reason for the obvious failure of the ‘Big Three’ at the Barclays Center.

    The Nets were the favorite to win the NBA title last season but were pretty much a disaster from day one, and this season hasn’t been much better, and the departure of all of their main three, Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden is evidence of how the project just never gelled properly.

    The Nets’ loss is most definitely the Suns’ gain, and fans of Phoenix may want to back their team to secure their first-ever NBA title following Durant’s arrival, and if so, you’ll need to know all about online sports betting in Arizona, so as to help you select the best sports betting provider to sign-up with, which will help you to maximize the potential payout of your bet.

    On the inability of the Nets to properly get the most out of their big three, Durant commented on the reasons things didn’t work out;

    “We just didn’t get on the court enough,”

    “I think when you’ve seen James, Kyrie, and myself, it was amazing basketball for [16] games. … You need more time on the floor. “

    “It’s another story about why we didn’t get on the floor together.”

    Off-court issues with Irving didn’t help matters, and Harden wasn’t at his best when in a Nets jersey, so it’s not as simple as Durant may claim.

    Durant went on to discuss his personal feelings about his three and a half years at the Nets;

    “It was a lot of ups and downs, but I loved the grind. Everybody in Brooklyn loved the grind, too. So I built a family over there,”

    “They’re going to always be a part of my journey. “

    “We didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish as far as winning a championship. … Everybody there, we tried our hardest every day regardless of what was going on in the media, what was going on with our teammates. Everybody who was in that gym, we grinded. I love those guys. I get emotional talking about it.”

    Durant has been out since January 8th but will look to make his Phoenix Suns debut after the All-Star break and believes that a title push is not out of the question;

    “I know how significant a championship is to a franchise and to a city, and I’ve been a part of two of those,”

    “I’m looking forward to getting back on that road to try to do it again.”

    Alongside the likes of Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton, the Suns certainly look the ticket, and it’s up to Monty Williams to manage the locker room and work out to get the most out of his entire roster and then maybe, just maybe, the 2022-23 season will end with a maiden NBA title in Arizona.


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