Infographic: Tyson Fury – Back In The Boxing Ring

With a mega-fight being talked about between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua for a seriously long time now, boxing has just got more interesting as Tyson Fury has announced he’s getting back in the ring on 9th June 2018.  Whilst he’s unlikely to be challenging for the top belts for some time to come it adds an extra dimension to the already great heavyweight division.

The fans have been calling for Fury to come back for ages and by the time of his next fight he will have been out of the ring for 924 days, over two and a half years, while Wilder and AJ have fought a few times in that time.

There are many that are saying that Fury should just kick back, relax and have fans wondering “what could have been” rather than getting back into the ring and potentially ruin his legacy. The problem is, whilst Tyson hasn’t been in the ring he hasn’t been keeping up with a strict diet, preferring to enjoy his accomplishments to this point. What this does is cause some concern for the backers of Fury betting online at Paddy Power, can he be the fighter we saw against Klitchko again? Many say not.

To better illustrate the worries for many Fury fans, we’ve broken down his body to show the kind of punishment it’s already been though:

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