7 Best Anime About Gambling You Have To Watch

    Online casinos are experiencing an unprecedented growth in recent times, contributing to an increasingly larger fan base. Their infinite thrill and enthusiasm-filled card games, such as poker, are truly captivating – with a strong indication that over 2 billion people will partake in gambling by the year 2023 (approximately 26% of the world’s population). With a plethora of options there is something to suit every gambler. Thanks to the provided guide by TerraCasino, it’s never been easier to find a great gambling spot.

    For those who think gambling is a boring activity, their opinion may change when they come across anime that take the idea of wagering in remarkable directions. Before recommending any sites, gambling experts conduct extensive research to get all the vital information. As for today, we focus on the most outstanding gambling anime and why we relish them. If you’re a fan of risks or just value an excellent storyline, our list of seven anime about betting will excite you.

    Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

    Hyakkaou Private Academy sets the stage for the thrilling anime Kakegurui. Here, students are judged solely on their gambling acumen, according to the manga series of Homura Kawamoto. If you’re looking for high stakes entertainment, this is the show for you – Netflix’s Kakegurui is sure to leave you enthralled.

    The academy in this unusual environment sculpts the futures of its students, pushing them to compete head-to-head in thrilling gambling matches. Competitors gamble with their own funds and the potential outcomes vary from rule-making to submission – no one has the same fate.

    Meet Yumeko Jabami – a mysterious and alluring new student at the school. Her power lies not in the pursuit of wealth or status, but in her addiction to gambling. Yumeko puts herself in harm’s way in order to find joy in the thrill of risk. As wild games become her primary source of satisfaction, she quickly attracts the attention of the student council who view her as a danger to their structure. But this glorious gambler is prepared, with strategic tactics ready to unleash and all odds against her.


    In the perilous gambling arena of Usogui, Kagerou stands as a referee of integrity and order in the face of betrayal and treachery. The stakes are high, and the protagonist Bak Madarame, famously known as “The Lie Eater” (Usogui), is a gambler entwined in Kagerou’s tight web of attempts to seize control. His nomadic hunger for risk-filled wagers turns him into a key player in the treacherous arena.

    Usogui is trapped in a power struggle between two dangerous powerhouses: the feared American criminal syndicate IDEAL and the powerful secret society Kagerou. Both of these organizations want to be the ultimate governing force, relying on ruthless measures to gain total control. This leaves Usogui caught between two ruthless and competitive forces, each determined to outdo the other and become the true reigning authority.

    Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

    Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s manga “Kaiji” debuted in 1996 and stayed in print until 2017, making it the definitive gambling anime. It brings readers into the world of Kaiji It?, a downtrodden individual who suddenly found himself saddled with a co-worker’s debt. Poor and without any alternative options, Kaiji must grapple with high-stakes gambling and dubious dealings to pay off the debt – or face the wrath of relentless debt collectors.

    He has two choices: toil in labor for a decade or board the famed Espoir and have his debts wiped out in one night of gambling. What lies ahead is a tumultuous and treacherous journey of wit, will, and strategy – a chance to make a fortune – or lose his life.

    Touhai Densetsu Akagi

    Akagi is a captivating anime set in the postwar era, showcasing the talents of the 13-year-old prodigy Shigeru Akagi. This story follows his remarkable feats of outplaying the Yakuza at mahjong, proving that skill and luck can prevail in a thrilling gambling setting.

    Akagi’s prowess is made known when he assists a passionate gamester, Nangou, who is heavily indebted. Staking his existence against the mafia, Nangou gets a new lease of life when Akagi provides unorthodox recommendations and eventually triumphs. It’s manifest that Akagi possesses special talents that makes him one of the being admired and revered players in the nation.

    Akagi’s story begins with a life on the run from the law. From street urchin to professional mahjong player, this anime follows his quest for success in Japan during the post-World War II era. His ambition for a brighter future drives his ascent against all odds.

    Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

    Post-WWII Japan sees the emergence of a unique character in Shinjuku City – the gifted gambler, Tetsuya. His ability to win at mahjong is second to none, though he is willing to stoop to any level in his pursuit of victory; a stark contrast to other anime about gambling like Akagi, which focus more on clever mind tricks. For Tetsuya cheating is only wrong when you get caught – an opinion he stands by no matter the circumstance – taking chances however necessary.

    Making Tetsuya’s role even more intriguing is the fact that it is based on a true tale featuring the renowned real-life gambler Takehiro Irokawa, famously known as ‘Hourouki Mahjong’. Even though it may seem like a work of fiction, this captivating anime portrays the raw reality of gambling remarkably accurately.

    Tetsuya, a legendary gambler, painted a picture of postwar Japan with illegal mahjong parlors. A complex array of emotions fills this anime world- one filled with yearning and despair. The characters presented throughout feel real while the atmosphere invokes a sense of nostalgia and an eternal search for hope, or solace, within this remarkable work.

    D’Arby The Gambler

    From the renowned Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures series comes an inspiring narrative of stakes and suspense. Following Jotaro on his mission to save Joseph and the others from the sinister machinations of D’Arby, viewers embark on a high-stakes battle and peculiar journey. Not for the faint of heart, this remarkable story arc is filled with incredible moments of drama, as the fate of many hangs in the balance over a game of poker.

    Under the looming threat of D’Arby potentially claiming the souls of those involved, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures builds an intense atmosphere that hooks its audience. Surprisingly, Jotaro unveils a great strategy that could change the tides of the match. The unforgettable adventure of Stardust Crusaders in the dynamic arc running from episodes 34 to 35.


    For our final topic of discussion today, let’s shine the spotlight on Saki, a revolutionary anime that combines elements from Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler and Akagi, giving viewers an electrifying experience with its thrilling gambling action. Saki Miyanaga is a girl infamously known for her antipathy towards Mahjong – a game that she is far too familiar with. However, her friend Kyoutarou Suga introduces her to the mahjong club in her school and her astounding potential suddenly unravels, showcasing an unexpected capability to notice patterns and excel at the game.

    Hisa Takei, the esteemed head of the club, quickly noticed Saki’s aptitude which she endeavored to obscure. Ironically, her incomparable and unconventional approach to mahjong granted her a massive advantage; nonetheless, this set off a rivalry with Nodoka Haramura (aka the preeminent champion of the previous season).

    As the show progresses, Saki begins to accept mahjong more easily, desiring to eventually compete and be victorious in national tournaments. Part of her growth is attributed to her return to friendly terms with Haramura, which has kindled her interest in the game.


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