Get In The Christmas Spirit With The Overwatch Update

    With the December update in Overwatch comes a verity of new features, special skins, and special sprays. The noticeable things are those such as Symmetra getting a slight overhaul and the new skins that come with holiday season. The minor fixes were a great addition, however there are some ideas and character, one in particular, that still needs to be patched in the game.

    Several of the characters have received new skins from holiday overload to simplistic mediocre-ness. Winston looks like a yeti, I don’t play much of Winston but this skin looks incredible. Mei received a Santa suit, as well as Torbjorn the only difference is Torbjorn has two little Christmas trees sticking out of his back. Both are really great skins. The more mediocre skins however are Zarya, Sombra, and Tracer. Zarya has had the same skins since the 2016 Olympics update just recolored several times and Sombra is borderline the same thing, the only thing that really changes on her are her hair lengths and dress colors, not a very impressive character. Tracer’s skin isn’t as mediocre as much as it is predictable, she’s an elf called Jingle, it’s cute but was very predictable.

    The skins weren’t the only thing added a few Christmas spirit into the game but also the new map designs and Mei’s Arcade game. Both King’s Road and Hanamura. Both have been sprawled with Christmas lights and trees with a light snowing, bringing the joy of the winter season to the looks of the maps. Mei’s mini game is absolutely the best add to the game. I honestly wish we got to keep this mini game even after the winter update is over. This game is a 6v6 snowball fight one shot kill game mode. You have one shot and all of Mei’s abilities. If you miss your shot magical piles of snow are scattered around the map for you to respawn another snowball. The team to win three rounds wins the entire game and to receive a daily loot chest when winning three games. This game mode is absolutely amazing and very fun.

    The fixes made were minimal and only noticeable to those that the bugs rarely happened to. Forcing players into a Player vs. AI game when spectating a friend has been disband, and a bug fix when it came to the game letting players select the same character only to have one change character at spawn because two of the same characters had been picked. Once a player is locked in no other player can select it in the assembly line.

    The most noticeable overhaul, however, is Symmetra. She almost plays differently. Her turrets have been upgraded from 3 to 6 being able to being placed, her cool down time for her turrets down from 12 seconds to 10. Her photon shield ability now has been replaced with an energy barrier that she can shoot out a distance and follow behind. They gave her a second ability so now she has the choice of dropping a teleporter or placing a shield generator and lastly her photon projector now reaches longer from 5 meters to 7 meters. She changed quiet a bit more so for the better since not many people were playing as her. The only problem I’m having with the new Symmetra is she no longer gives shield generation to a single player instead shoots a barrier that travels forth and away from the team.

    This Overwatch patch has given the community many of great new features and changes to play as and with. Most changes have been for the better and have helped improve the game. The next update to the game we as a whole would like to see to major patches. The first would be further patch to Roadhog’s hook. The changes to the hook have been greatly noticeable no longer players clip through walls, but from time to time the hook still clips through walls. The second bug patch that really needs to be taken care of is DVa’s black screen. This problem has been at the start of the game’s release and has gotten better, but lately it has been showing up more and more lately. For now we can take what Blizzard has given us and hope to see the next set of bug fixes soon.


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