How To Get Better At CS:GO

Want to learn how to get better at CS:GO? Why not take a read through all of the tips and strategies we’ve listed in the article below.

It should be noted that getting better at CS:GO is an ongoing process. There are some tips you can follow to speed up that process and smooth out any inconsistencies you have, however.

Improving Your Aim In CS:GO

One of the biggest reasons why you may be struggling to perform well in CS:GO is because of your aim. Truthfully, the only way you can improve this is by playing better and by playing more regularly.

You also cannot get godlike aim overnight. It takes time. But before we get into how you can improve your aim over time, let’s first look at what you’ll need to have better aim.

First, choose a good sensitivity. We’d suggest something as close to 400 DPI and 2.0 in-game sensitivity as possible. Secondly, make sure you have a good gaming mouse and mouse mat. You don’t need a fancy one with LEDs, but you do need one with a good sensor. This means you may have to throw in around $50.

Once you’ve got the right equipment, here’s a strategy you can follow to improve your aim.

  • Download the Aim Botz map
  • Play the Aim Botz map for 15-30 minutes every day. Try to hit headshots as quickly as possible.
  • When you have time to play competitive games, join a community headshot only deathmatch server and play for 30 minutes before you join your first game.

By following the routine above, you’ll be doing two things.

  • Firstly, you’ll be improving your aim over time by practicing it in Aim Botz.
  • Secondly, you’ll be warming up your wrist and arm before you play competitive games for the day.

Following the routine above will ensure your aim gets better over time and also makes sure you aren’t as inconsistent.

Improving Your Game Sense And Knowledge

Playing good Counter Strike isn’t just about improving your aim. There’s a lot of strategy involved that takes time to learn.

For example, when playing on the CT side, you need to know when it’s the right time to rotate from your bomb site and when you should stay. You can also learn more about how to use flashbangs, grenades, and smokes more effectively.

You can also learn how to hold angles and what position to place your crosshair so that hitting headshots is easier for you.

A lot of these things you will learn over time, but you can learn far quicker by looking up tutorials on YouTube. Look for grenade tutorials to learn about how to use grenades more effectively. Watch pro CS:GO players on Twitch to find out how they rotate and position themselves.

Finally, every time you die, ask why you died and try to find out what you could do differently the next time. Always own up to your own mistakes and try to find ways to improve instead of complaining that it’s out of your control that other players are better than you.

You’ll find that in a lot of cases, playing good CS:GO is about having a good mentality. You need to be constantly willing to listen to feedback and criticise your own gameplay and you need to do this without getting burned out.


We hope that these quick tips will help you to be a better player in Counter Strike. Remember that getting better takes time. However, with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to improve your skill far quicker.

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