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    Minecraft Legends: Battle for the Game World

    Millions of people are passionate about the pixel world, discovering new territories and surviving every day. Developers are constantly delighting fans with new content in the form of new features, mobs and mysterious biomes.

    Especially a lot of interesting things the players learned in Minecraft 1.21.0. Some users even download mods to update their usual game. This time, they will see a completely new world called Minecraft Legends. The game is available for PC, consoles and Xbox devices.

    Main Features

    Minecraft Legends opens to users a familiar, but updated world in the genre of action strategy. It is a story about today’s virtual world beginning, about the battles for it, and much more.

    Many unusual mobs have appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.0, but there has never been such a thing that a character’s enemies have become his friends.


    Users will have to explore mysterious territories, collect resources and defend themselves from the attack of piglins. Also, players will build a shelter and improve their base with the help of new friends. Minecraft Legends gives players the opportunity to conduct PVP battles against other users.

    Guests of the mysterious world need to collect resources that help them survive. Also, players must find friends who will help stop the attack of the main enemies – piglins from the Nether. It will be possible to stop the evil only by joint efforts.


    As already mentioned, the main enemies of the hero are piglins that came out of the Nether and are trying to rule the world. Minecraft Legends players will also meet some Overworld creatures.

    Interestingly, those who used to be aggressive can now become friends of the character and help him resist evil.


    To play Minecraft Legends, players need to develop their own strategy. The developers offer users to have an army and dispose of it to stop the attack of enemies. Also, the player needs to build a fortress that the piglins will not be able to destroy. To move around the world, players can use horses.

    Interestingly, it is possible to play with friends using the multiplayer mode. The developers have provided for the division into teams of eight players. Their main mission will be the destruction of the enemy fortress.

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