Creating A Cracking Set-Up For PS5 Racing Simulation Games

The  launch of the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 was considered one of the most exciting releases in recent times, owing in no small part to the simultaneous launch of the Xbox Series X. If the PlayStation 5 stole your heart owing to its amazing image quality in games like Dirt 5 or its superior high frame rate mode, then you may currently be working on setting up your racing sim set-up. The following are just a few top accessories you might consider  adding to your collection.

Top Racing Wheels

Few things  make a racing game more immersive than the feel of a realistic sim racing wheel. The list of  racing wheels rating highly among avid gamers includes the Fanatec Podium F1 (owing to its best direct drive capabilities), the Thrustmaster TX RW (a choice for lovers of luxury owing to its leather covering, excellent force-feedback, and the fact that pedals are included), and the Thrustmaster T-GT (a great all-rounder boasting T-DFB technology, which creates a realistic 3D perception of the environment surrounding you at a four times greater stall force). If you’re on a budget, the Thrustmaster T150 is a great starter wheel, with a 1080º rotation and a two-pedal board.

Best Gaming Monitors

Playing your game with a monitor offering crisp, clear images is key to an optimal sim racing experience. Just a few gaming monitors that will complement your PS5 beautifully include the Acer Nitro VG280K, the Asus CG32UQ, and the LG 27GN950. What all these monitors have in common is 4K technology and a high pixel count. Only commit to one of these if you are willing to invest in ultra-powerful graphics  or an enhanced console. You will require optimal graphics to enhance your video and graphics performance.

Racing Style Cockpits

Few things make the racing sim experience more realistic than sitting in a realistic cockpit and seat with installed bodyshakers and other features that make it easy to  feel like you are up against Fernando Alonso, Edoardo Mortara, or Valtteri Bottas. One of the coolest cockpits around is the GTTrack PlayStation Edition, boasting a rigid construction that supports direct traction wheels and professional level pedals. The cockpit contains a gear shift, a Buttkicker adaptor, and a four-point racing harness. It is designed for pros, but there’s no reason why you can’t take one home if you have the budget and space for it (the cockpit sells for €799). Another specialist in this type of product is Obutto, which makes ergonomic gaming chairs and cockpits with features such as reclinability, adjustable footrests, yokes, articulating keyboards, and monitors. The chairs even have features like cup holders, so you can stay fueled with your favorite beverage and enjoy a comfortable gaming experience for hours.
The PS5 has been a huge seller among racing sim gamers, owing to its optimal image quality. If you enjoy playing racing sim games for hours, investing in a few key accessories will make your experience more enjoyable. From specialized racing wheels right through to a luxury cockpit, there are many components of a dream set-up you might enjoy turning into your reality.
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