Consider Yourself A Pro? How To Make Money From Gaming

    Gaming is a hobby for many men, women, boys, and girls around the world. There’s a genre out there for everyone. From first player shooter games to quest games that make you feel like you’re one of the characters, gaming has the variety to appeal to a wide range of people. Gaming has improved massively over the years, giving gamers access to immersive gameplay with 4K graphics. 

    Do you consider yourself to be a pro gamer? There are a few ways that you could make money through gaming if you think you have what it takes. Turn your hobby into your side hustle with these easy tips.

    Reward Programs

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for gaming if you’re good at it? You can make money playing games buff if you build up rewards. There are tons of rewards-based loyalty programmes online that could see you with rewards such as Fortnite skins, games keys and hardware. All you have to do is be good enough to get the rewards. Loyalty programs are popular amongst gamers because they’re easy and free to sign up to, and frequent gamers can enjoy many perks. 

    Loyalty programs are not just for gaming. They’re a common marketing technique used by brands to generate awareness, improve customer loyalty, and promote products. The more reward programs you enter into, the better!

    Creating a Youtube

    Youtube is an excellent way of making money, but it’s difficult to make good money from it. There are two ways to make money through Youtube. The most common and easiest way is to make money through adverts. 

    When a video is created, there is a chance to put advertisements in the video that people will hopefully click on. For every thousand people that view the ad, Youtube will pay a fee. That fee varies and changes each year. It’s roughly 1 to 5 dollars per thousand views. So you see, you have to get a lot of people watching the videos to make good money from ads. 

    The second way Youtube could make you money through gaming is through something called Patreon, which is pretty much an online tip jar. Not all Youtubers decide to do this, but some do. The last way to make money is through affiliate links. 

    This is when a gamer might mention a particular brand in their video and be paid a fee for doing it. The great thing about Youtube is that it’s inexpensive to set up. Videos can be made cheap by using a mobile phone and a stand.

    Live Streaming on Twitch

    Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for online game streaming for both amateurs and professionals. Some celebrities have even taken to Twitch, such as Drake, to stream themselves playing games and give fans the chance to game alongside them. If you’re good at gaming, you could easily make money through gaming on the platform. There are a few ways that you could make money through Twitch. 

    One of the main ways is through brand partnerships. Another is through a high level of subscriptions. There’s even the chance to make money through virtual cheers. Remember to keep in mind that you have to be good and have many viewers every stream to make money. Famous Twitch streamers like Ninja have made millions through their online streams on Twitch, so it is possible.

    Professional eSports Teams 

    Becoming a streamer and showing your skills to the world could lead to contracts with eSports teams. Streams that have a high number of views generate a lot of interest amongst eSports teams. These teams travel the world entering gaming competitions that have big cash prizes.

    Although it may seem far fetched, anything can happen if you are good at gaming. Professional eSports gaming usually takes place on a PC rather than a console, but there are some console competitions. Teams take on only the best of the best.

    Making money from gaming isn’t exactly easy, but it is an achievable goal for those interested in pursuing their gaming talents. Be prepared to invest a lot of time if you want to make good money from gaming. 


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