Betting on Dota 2: how to predict a match?

    Esports is the future of modern betting, where the young generation who grew up playing games bets on their favorite teams. A decade ago, no one would have believed this, but now, in the digital age, betting on video games is one of the main trends. The most interesting and well-established discipline is Dota 2, a multiplayer game in which two teams of five fight against each other. Each of them has a unique hero under control with their abilities. The goal of the team is to destroy the enemy base. Place Dota 2 bets according to forecasts and get profit.

    Dota 2 esports predictions: tips for beginners

    Dota 2 esports predictions require careful preparation; so many newbies give up this business without understanding it. Experienced bettors have identified several basic recommendations that will help when getting to know the bets:

    Sports betting serve several purposes. If you want to get extremely sharp emotions, then most predictions are made for luck. But if you plan to get the maximum profit, we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the available information on the chosen discipline!

    There is no clear favorite in Dota 2 that sweeps away everyone else. The strongest teams are included in the TIR-1 category, which constantly participates in major tournaments. To be aware of all the changes in the category, it is better to analyze and study the large resources dedicated to esports!

    The practice of the game will reveal some aspects that are not visible from the outside. It is quite easy to do this since virtual sports do not require physical skills or preparation!

    As with other sports, there are express bets available here that can bring huge winnings. But do not focus on them; the main profit comes from the Live-mode!

    Sticking to a certain strategy, do not deviate from the acceptable percentage of bets, and do not try to recoup. The latter will lead to the fact that you will lose the entire game bank!

    You can make predictions for Dota 2 bets you or search on the Internet. Some bookmakers sell ready-made results for a small amount, backing them up with detailed arguments and competent analytics. There is no guarantee that these predictions will be 100% winning. These are just the thoughts of users, albeit experienced ones.

    Dota 2: predictions with analytics

    In Dota 2, predictions take a certain amount of time while the materials and information necessary for a more accurate result are studied. It is best to start with TIR-1 teams, as in such meetings there are fewer accidents and there are no fake matches. In the lower divisions, predicting results is the hardest part. It is not uncommon for outsiders or new teams to take first place.

    Next, you need to choose a tournament in which these teams will participate. It is important to study all the materials related to the preparation of the players, their physical and mental attitude, substitutions, and positions in the season. There are times when the top team doesn’t have to win the competition, so they don’t play at their full potential. An important factor in such games is the position in the DPC points table. Recently, Valve has introduced rules according to which all teams receive special points for winning seasonal tournaments. In the middle of summer, the main championship The International is held, where the teams that occupy the first positions in the points table receive invites. This is the main motivator for participating in tournaments for teams that have not yet entered the invite list.

    Dota 2 esports predictions: choosing a bookmaker

    Among dozens of bookmakers, you should choose the best one, which will provide favourable betting conditions and will not limit the limits for successful winnings. But what to do if the official bookmakers offer too small limits and line? Take a look at betting sites that aren’t on GamStop. They are extremely reliable, as the main factors of reliability are:

    • player reviews;
    • age and reputation of the site;
    • bookmaker license.

    For convenience and to save time, you can choose a bookmaker that already has ready-made predictions for Dota 2 bets. In most cases, a welcome bonus is offered for registration in such an establishment. In the future, these gifts will only increase if you use the services of the institution for a long time.

    Dota 2 predictions and bets: registration

    After choosing a bookmaker, you need to register. This is an important procedure requiring the provision of personal data. It is important to provide accurate information, it may be needed when verifying your identity or recovering your account in the event of a hack. After verification, a personal account will appear, where you can edit personal information and make transactions with money. The next step is to fund your gaming account. This can be done using several payment systems: bank cards, e-wallets, mobile transfers, etc. The last step is to choose the discipline and confirm the bet.

    Many people think that esports betting is a kind of casino that also has a random number generator. This is a mistake. Dota 2 predicted bets for upcoming matches give expanded karting, which will allow you to predict the most obvious result of the game. This type of activity requires perseverance from the bettor since the main profit is revealed at a distance. Instant enrichment is possible only with blind luck, pointing the predictions with your finger to the sky.

    What can you bet on in Dota 2 matches?

    Tournament matches in Dota 2 are held in the following formats:

    Best-of-1until one of the teams wins in one round
    Best-of-2two rounds are played in which a draw is possible, or one of the teams can win
    Best-of-3until one of the teams wins in two rounds
    Best-of-5until one of the teams wins in three rounds

    In classic bookmakers, they give the following line of bets on Dota 2:

    1. bet on a win: everything is clear here, we bet on one team out of two;
    2. bet on winning around: the bet is placed on one of the rounds;
    3. Asian handicaps.

    At eSports bookmakers, the choices are as follows (apart from the main markets):

    • Bet on “FirstBlood”: which team will kill the opposing player first;
    • Bet on “Willtakefirst 10 kills”: which team will get ten kills first;
    • Bet on “FirstRoshan”: which team will kill Roshan first. Roshan is the strongest neutral monster in Dota 2. After death, Roshan always drops “Aegis of the Immortal”, which gives its owner an extra life for five minutes;
    • Bet on “Round duration”: a bet on determining the duration of the round, total over/under in minutes.

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