Best tips to build an audience for your live streaming channel

Going live on your own streaming channel may sound very attractive and a way to gain both popularity and some nice money.

In fact, the live streaming market is expected to reach a value of $70 billion in 2021, which is huge.

In present day, almost anyone having a decent Internet connection and a mobile device (or computer) can live stream online. And they can do that anytime and virtually from anywhere.

Internet teaches us that there are so many platforms and way do go for a live streaming. But while this is rather easy, the hardest – so hard sometimes – part is to actually attract, build and maintain an audience. The Internet is huge after all, so you have to stand out at some point in some manner.

Today, there is a growing interest in online gaming – esports or virtual sports in particular –, and more and more igaming streamers use welcome bonuses to engage with their viewers. Offering a nice bonus, like welcome bonus PA, will certainly bring some fresh audience.

But what about the rest of the market, and how else could you attract people to watch your live streaming channel, and then keep them watching since there is such a big competition in this area?

Well, this may be tricky, because people rarely come back to the same channel if they don’t really have a strong reason to do so.

Here are three big tips on how to build your audience – or, to put it better, have your content viewed, not only broadcasted:

Stream consistently

The first step is, obviously, to create interesting content which is worth watching in the first place. When choosing the right content, you want to deliver on a regular basis (that is a must), always keep in mind that this sort of video is happening right now.

The “now” part is very important, and so is the steady and regular streams. Audiences do prefer consistency, especially when it’s something they can’t predict, like a live stream.

And also, it is vital to publish fresh content frequently in order to keep up with the trend. In this regard, one thing which you absolutely have to avoid is streaming content and then disappearing for some time.

Interact with the viewers

Interacting with the viewers – your audience – is perfect to build and maintain a strong relationship with them.

One reason is that by interacting with them you get to know what exactly are the topics which they prefer. You can greet the viewers by their name, ask questions and respond to them, and instruct them to send likes or hearts in certain situations.

Also, do respond to live comments, whenever possible. If you can do it whilst in the live, that would be great. If not, do it after the live stream. The viewers will feel engaged in the topic, so many of them will definitely want to come back for more.

And one more thing: Share your public social media accounts with your followers, so that they will know your saying on other subjects.

Thank the new subscribers or supporters

The first and best thing to do when new followers join your community is to thank them for their interest and for subscribing and supporting your live streaming content.

In the end, the followers and supporters are those who monetize your live streaming channels, so they are the ones who make it successful.

You can also think of small activities that can make them feel important and welcomed right from the beginning – like taking more of their questions, interacting more than with the existing followers, or even organizing fun contests.

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