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    Online gambling in the US can seem a little bit complicated at first glance. Every state has its own laws regarding it, and so far only a handful allow totally legal online gaming. In this article, we’ll cover the states with the best online gaming options, alongside those that may join the party over the course of the next few years.

    If you’re confused about where to start – or if you can legally start, don’t worry – we’ll cover it all here.


    Where better to start than Delaware, the first US state to legalize online gambling all the way back in 2013? Delaware has a total of three land-based venues that all offer an online version powered by 888. This enables players to take part in online poker and basically everything you could expect from a casino.

    The government also legalized online sports betting, but this hasn’t taken off in quite the same way. There are currently no online sportsbooks active in the state. The best casino for your particular needs is a totally subjective matter, so we’d suggest doing a little bit of research into them beforehand!

    New Jersey

    New Jersey has some of the best options for online gambling in the entire US – which isn’t really that surprising. It’s basically up there with Nevada as a haven for gambling. Online casino games, poker, and a plethora of sportsbooks – whatever you want to play, New Jersey has it to offer.

    The industry is only continuing to expand. In fact, just a few days ago, fixed odds betting came to horse racing in the state. This could have a huge impact on the industry’s profit down the line.

    Casinos are offered by big operators like Golden Nugget, Virgin, Caesars, and Bet MGM. As mentioned above, they offer everything you’d expect from an online casino, with a variety of different odds, rewards, and incentives.


    Online casinos in Michigan have been live since Jan 2021, meaning the best time to get started in the state is right now! Thirteen individual online casinos have risen up in no time, and they offer the full array of games players have come to expect.

    Blackjack, betting, poker, and ‘live dealer’ games – which are intended to more closely replicate the excitement of playing in a real casino – are all available and more. If you just want to hit up some slot machines though, that’s there too!

    Golden Nugget takes the top rank here, followed by Caesars and BetMGM. DraftKings and FanDuel also rank amongst the most favored casinos in the state. It might not be the first state you think of when it comes to casinos, but it has a ton of potential which seems to be paying off (no pun intended).

    The online gaming industry in Michigan has been clearing up – obviously, it’s a really welcome addition to the list of states! The legalization in Michigan is thought to contribute heavily to the industry’s 53% boost in uptake compared to the same quarter last year. Exciting times.


    Pennsylvania legalized online sports betting and casinos back in 2019. Since then, tons of options have opened up for bettors in the state. Just like the rest of the US, the industry is set for massive growth. There are a total of seven regulated online casinos that offer blackjack, roulette, slots, and all the usual suspects.

    That number is set to keep growing over the coming years.

    West Virginia

    West Virginia was another early adopter of online gambling, but it’s kept the industry much smaller than the other entries on this list so far. It has just five online casino options at this point, overseen entirely by the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

    One of the five casinos is owned by West Virginia’s governor, so it should come as no surprise that the industry has received as much support and success as it has.

    It’s recently given back the ability to place online bets on horse racing, which is sure to give the state’s online sports betting industry a considerable boost. As the industry continues to grow in legal states, neighboring ones are sure to take notice and follow suit.



    Online casinos were legalized in Connecticut in October 2019. Both of Connecticut’s physical casinos are tribal, and as such, they have exclusive rights to the online gaming industry too. The Mohegan Sun Online Casino is powered by FanDuel, and DraftKings was originally in partnership with the Mashantucket Pequot Nation to provide their online experience.

    While it may seem like your options are limited compared to other states, both of these casinos offer a full array of gaming entertainment. No matter how you’re looking to play, they can accommodate you.

    There are four – Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, and Colorado. In these states, it’s currently illegal to operate an online casino but online sports betting is perfectly legal. As the industry continues to grow, that may change. Laws tend to follow the money, after all. So online gaming might not be that far off in your state.

    I would always recommend checking the laws for your particular state before committing any money to anything. While this article has provided a brief outline of which states offer legal casinos, you should always play legally and responsibly!

    Illinois and Indiana are expected to follow suit in legalizing online casinos soon. So keep an eye out for news!

    No, although it can often be presented as a gray area. In certain states such as Texas, penalties for accessing online casinos are equatable to getting a speeding ticket. It can carry expensive fines. While some online resources might suggest they won’t prosecute individual gamblers, this is one area where it’s probably not best to take your chances.

    Texas may be an extreme example, as the state is particularly opposed to online gambling – but other states have similar rules and regulations, and it’s best to know what they are before placing any bets.


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