Five things you should know about US online casinos

    Online gambling is a booming industry with billions invested each year. If you live in the US, you have access to some of the best online casinos available. At these online platforms, you can play hundreds of video slots and table games, and potentially win some epic cash prizes. In this article, we look at five important things you should know before registering at a US online casino.

    As you are probably aware, different US states have different laws. This premise also applies to online casinos. Gambling laws vary wildly from state to state – this applies for both brick-and-mortar casinos and online platforms.

    Currently, online gambling is legal in the following states:

    • Delaware
    • Michigan
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia

    Other states are looking at changing their gambling laws, but as you can see, the availability of online gambling in the US is currently quite limited.

    Michigan remains one of the best options for online gambling. Indeed, you can find a great range of online casinos in Michigan to play at. This state also has the added bonus of legally allowing sports betting, poker, horse racing, lotteries and fantasy sports betting too. Licensing and regulating gambling in this state is controlled by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).

    Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are also great options. Each state has their own regulatory board that is responsible for maintaining standards and making sure that online casinos are operated ethically.

    2. Some casinos are better than others

    Unfortunately, not all online casinos are created equal! Therefore, it is advisable to research the following features before choosing a platform:

    • Licensing and regulations – Is the casino licensed?
    • Game selection – Is there a great variety of games to play?
    • Customer support – Can you easily get help?
    • Payment methods – How easily can you make a deposit and withdrawal?
    • Software providers – Does the casino work with reputable developers such as Microgaming?
    • Promotions – Does the casino have any bonuses for new customers?

    3. Most US online casinos have welcome offers for new customers

    As mentioned above, some online gambling sites have promotions and bonuses. Some of these are exclusively for new customers.

    Welcome bonuses like these typically award players with a deposit bonus or free spins on video slots. Usually, you need to make a minimum deposit to activate the offer, such as $10. There may also be a special bonus code that you need to enter during the deposit process.

    Offers like these are a great way to save money, and to try out different casinos to see what they have available. Always read the terms and conditions of these promotions to make sure you understand how they work, and any caveats such as wagering requirements.

    4. You can usually find a great selection of live dealer games

    Due to the evolution of online gaming, you can now find hundreds of different games to play at online casinos. These include video slots, table games, video poker and progressive jackpots.

    In recent years, there has also been a boom in live dealer games. These take the online casino experience to a whole new level. Instead of a complete CGI experience, live dealer games allow you to interact with a real human dealer – like in a real casino.

    You join a game room and are connected via a live video feed to the dealer. The dealer then controls the game, and you can often talk to them if you have a microphone or through chat! This makes for an immersive and realistic casino experience without leaving your chair.

    5. You can make payments using different methods, including eWallets

    US online casinos are also incredibly versatile due to the variety of payment methods accepted. At a traditional casino, you can typically only buy chips using a card or cash.

    In contrast, online casinos usually support a wide range of alternative payment methods too. These include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. Some casinos also go as far as accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

    This means that you are not tied to one particular payment method. You can use what works for you and move money about or even segment it so that you don’t spend too much from your main bank account, for example.

    We hope you have found this mini-guide useful. The most important takeaway is to check the legality of online gambling in your state! After this, take the time to choose a reputable platform, and have fun exploring the different games available.


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