10 Best Sports Games on Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is a console that was never considered the most powerful or the better console in the current market, but the possibility of turning a table console into a portable one brought critical acclaim to the latest Nintendo creation. Without a doubt its popularity is almost the same as the Xbox Series X/S or the Play Station 5, something that both the Wii and the Wii U weren’t able to accomplish.

    Now, sports games on Switch are different when you compare them to the other sports games on Xbox, Play Station, etc. In this case, Switch’s sport games are little more creative than the others, that is why those games are worth checking out. Therefore, this list offers the 10 best sports games on Nintendo Switch.

    10. Mario Golf: Super Rush

    The first Mario game on this list. We all know that the Mario Golf series is legendary, but the thing is that Mario Golf: Super Rush doesn’t feel like the previous installments of the series but it is still a quality game to play with your friends. The reason why this game doesn’t feel as fresh as the previous ones is because; comparing it to the other, Super Rush feels very limited in content. But do not worry at all because Mario Golf: Super Rush is still a great golf videogame; the gameplay feels amazing and it is a fun game to play alone or with your friends.

    9. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

    Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a simple video game because you have only one objective and it is the simplest objective the world can give you: don’t crash. The antagonist of this game is literally the force of gravity which is pulling you downhill while you are on your mountain bike bouncing around.

    Simple but fun, and it doesn’t mean that because a game is simple it’s bad, in fact, the game is very fun because its feels like the chilliest version of Trials games. Obviously, there are missions and races, but the real essence of this game is let the gravity carry you downhill for hours.

    8. Nintendo Switch Sports

    Wii Sports was a complete success both critically and commercially, so, one of the longest standing questions about the Switch was whether there was going to be a next Wii Sports for this new console and after five long years, Nintendo decided to release Nintendo Switch Sports.

    The game still has the bowling, swordplay and tennis ones, but they also added new sports like football, badminton, and volleyball. And thankfully, the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls have improved enough that you don’t get frustrated like 10 years ago with the Wii. Also, new modes and sports will continually be added as time goes by.

    7. Golf Story

    The second golf video game in the list. The reason why Golf Story is better positioned than Mario Golf: Super Rush is because traditional sports games are simple minded with a chill gameplay without focusing on the narrative. Golf Story is not like that because it possesses one of the most engaging and compelling narratives of any sports games. In this game you play as a golfer who had given up his dream of going pro, but then he tries to give it one last chance.

    This game is a sport game driven by action-adventures mechanics with tons of characters with their own backstories and problems you must solve. This game is a fun adventure game for sports fans.

    6. Dodgeball Academia

    Continuing with the story-driven sports game, the next one is Dodgeball Academia. This game is for those who aren’t into online game and for those who enjoy are more focused in the story than in the game itself. In this game you are Otto, a kid who attends to the Dodgeball Academia and throughout the game he finds friends, collect rivals and many other things.

    This pick has more of an RPG vibe than the last one; there are many strategies, character progression is present, and each character has a unique ability which you can use. The art style may look old but it doesn’t ruin the game at all.

    5. Mario Strikers: Battle League

    The Mario Strikers saga is one of the most popular Mario games ever, and despite this one doesn’t provide the same old energy, and the wealth of modes or characters its past entries had, it is still a better football soccer video game than any done by FIFA or eFootball.

    While the video game is popular for the offline multiplayer matches with friends, the game feels even better when you play online against another person, in fact; it is recommended to play it like that because the Strikers Club multiplayer mode allow up to 20 players to play at the same time which is something incredible.

    4. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

    I am a big fan of the Tony Hawk’s series because I have been playing this saga since I was a kid. In fact, I think that Pro Skater 1 was my first video game ever. This new entry is living proof that ports on Nintendo Switch can run extremely well and look incredible too. This game is like a combined version of the first two Pro Skater’s games, obviously with more tricks, music and skaters, and also the game is considered the best Tony Hawk game in years.

    Playing this game is just like going back in time when life was simpler and happier.

    3. Super Mega Baseball 3

    If you like both baseball and comedy then this is you game. Super Mega Baseball 3 is a game that you will enjoy even if you don’t like baseball; large character models, colorful broadcasters, exaggerated physics, this is the baseball version of the mythic NBA Jam. The game has its online mode, multi-season Franchise mode, and obviously its offline tournaments to play with your friends.

    You can even customize the teams and almost everything, you can even create you own league from zero. Even with the comedic side still in mind, this game takes its baseball seriously and it’s one of the best baseball video games out there.

    2. Rocket League

    Speaking truthfully; Rocket League is probably the most popular video game on this list, everybody knows this game and almost everybody has played this hybrid between FIFA Street and San Francisco Rush.

    As a Rocket League player, this game is hard but the moment you understand the mechanics, you will have more fun than you ever expected. The Switch version is amazing because it feels just like playing on PC or any other console. Sure, it will take you some time to adapt yourself to the new set of controls but that is nothing you should worry about; Rocket League is addictive.

    1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    The third Mario game on this list, and by far the best sports video game on Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a rerelease of the original Mario Kart 8 that was released for the Wii U, this version includes all of the DLC, and also a revamped battle mode and many more gameplay alterations.

    Since then, the Deluxe has received widespread critical acclaim and is considered by many as the best Mario Kart game ever made, and one of the best racing games of all times. It is considered an “essential” game for every Nintendo Switch owner even those who don’t like Mario games.


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