The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

    If you’re lucky enough to have the versatile 2 in 1 Nintendo Switch that delivers both portable and home gaming in one neat and tidy package, then you’re probably wondering what are the best accessories to go with it. We can help you there. Read on for a selection of some of the best, and most recent accessories on the market.

    HORI Compact Playstand

    The Switch’s built-in kickstand isn’t quite secure enough for everyone. Enter the Hori Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch, officially licensed by Nintendo, an excellent option for gamers on the go. Its open design allows you to charge, play and angle all at the same time. The rubber sole ensures stability wherever you might be gaming and with an RRP of £12.99 it’s a definite steal.

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    A versatile and hardwearing gadget, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is great for those who are used to a sturdier gaming device. With the battery on this device claiming to clock up to an impressive 40 hours in a single charge, this gamepad is definitely worth the price tag if you are planning to use your Nintendo Switch on your TV as well as on the go. Despite being unable to utilise a wide range of motion through separation (as is the case with the Joy-Con controllers), it has that all essential D-pad which the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers lack, a brilliant addition for the lovers of ‘Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’ and the like.

    Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover

    Similar to the magnetic flip covers you can get for the iPad or Android tablets, the Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover gives the versatility of a stand, along with a sturdy protector for your touchscreen as well. It offers multiple viewing angles and the magnetic design features hidden Velcro to keep your Nintendo Switch secure even with the Joy-Con controllers connected. This officially licensed accessory even comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth thrown in!

    The Nintendo Switch Dock Sock

    A tongue twister if ever there was one, the Switch Dock Sock is a fun accessory that lets you support your favourite Nintendo character whilst also keeping the edges of your mini console safe from scratches and dents. The variety is endless, so why not add this amusing number to your accessory collection?

    Bluetooth Accessories

    Most gamers like the freedom of wireless Bluetooth gadgets such as headphones, controllers and touchpads. With the Nintendo Switch not supporting Bluetooth headphones, it is down to devices such as the TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter and the 8Bitdo Retro Receiver for NES, Classic Edition, to solve this little issue.

    TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter

    Enjoy up to 7 hours of wireless sound with this TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter. It works simply by plugging it in to your Nintendo Switch’s audio jack.

    8BitDo Retro Receiver for NES Classic Edition

    Not only compatible with 8Bitdo controllers, the 8BitDo Retro Receiver for NES is now also compatible with Joy-Cons and the Switch Pro Controller.

    Nintendo Switch Cases

    If you find little space in your bag for your Switch, or simply only want to carry your Nintendo Switch around with you, go loud with a character themed case or keep it subtle with a plain one. Either way, there are some great cases that can contain both your Switch and a bunch of the accessories that go with it.

    For a case that fits all your Nintendo Switch gear, the Link’s Tunic Edition PDP Starter Kit is a must have. Staying true to the origins of the Switch’s launch game, this Zelda themed case comes with earbuds, a screen protector & applicator, character themed Joy-Con Armor Guards, a branded cleaning cloth and thumb caps. Bargain!

    Butterfox Nintendo Switch Hard Carry Case

    If you are subtler in your support of Nintendo’s game franchise, then the Butterfox Hard Carry Case is just as roomy with space for game cards, SD cards and accessories. It also beats the PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit; Link’s Tunic Edition in price.

    PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

    For the hardcore gamers who need to size up for their Nintendo Switch game collection, the PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack is a new to the market must have. With space for games, controllers, cables and dedicated slots for headphones and a controller; this backpack is an on the go gamers dream.


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