Best Free-to-Play PC Titles to Try at the Moment

    What can be better than having a huge selection of top-class video games at your disposal? Free games are an excellent way for gaming enthusiasts to tap into tons of awesome gaming content without spending a dime.

    Aside from getting access to a wide range of games from different gaming genres, free-to-play games allow you to tap into hundreds of hours of gameplay and kill all that spare time you have on your hands.

    If you’ve always wanted to give some game a try, the chances are that you can give it a go for free. We’ve created this short but sweet list of the best free-to-play PC games you should try right now. We know that free-to-play games are somewhat notorious for a number of reasons, including gradual monetization.

    However, these games are the best, most popular free games in the gaming community that are safe to play and don’t require a full gaming rig to run. We’re going to mention FPS, MMORPG, and battle royales games you should try.

    Best free-to-play FPS games for PC

    Splitgate (PS, Xbox, PC)

    Splitgate used to be one of those gaming titles from the shadows but not anymore. This immensely popular FPS has quickly hit the mainstream and taken the gaming world by storm. The influx of players is increasing as more and more gamers get into this old-school but the modern wonder of a game. If top action, retro mentality, and fantastic storytelling are your thing, Splitgate should be your go-to title.

    Destiny 2 (Xbox, PS, PC)

    Even though many avid gamers see Destiny 2 as a game-as-a-service type of deal, this FPS is so much more than just that. It brings all the best things about online shooters with top-class combat encounters and immensely believable and realistic gun mechanics.

    Advanced graphics and intense storytelling will make you play Destiny 2 for hours at a time, and you can rest assured about that. World-class game mechanics, stunning visuals, fantastic maps, tons of items, and PvP mode are just some of the things that await you.

    Best free-to-play MMORPG games for PC

    Runescape (Android, iOS, PC)

    Even 20 years after its launch, Runescape is still more relevant than ever before. Arguably, it is one of the most popular and legendary free-to-play games available today. Aside from the fact that you can get into one of the best, most iconic games for free, Runescape brings you the joy of having thousands of hours of gameplay at your disposal.

    Since you don’t have to spend a dime to play it, this is an excellent way to get into the world of MMORPG and see why millions of gamers are losing their minds over this gaming genre. Aside from tons of in-game items, skills to master, and a wide range of different weapons and armors, Runescape is also a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends.

    Also, have you heard of Melvor Idle? It is a Runescape lookalike created by an indie developer. If you love Runescape, the chances are you will love this game, too.

    Lord of the Rings Online (PC)

    Even though Amazon has canceled LOTR MMO, you can still play LOTR Online. With regular content updates and free gameplay, LOTR Online allows you to explore Middle-earth by creating and developing your character.

    There are countless traits, skills, and professions to check out while you’re choosing between nine classes and four races. Choose your side and let the war for Middle-earth begin once more.

    Best free-to-play battle royale games

    Fortnite: Battle Royale (Android, Switch, Xbox, PS, PC)

    Fortnite: Battle Royale is an excellent free game that has a simple goal – to take down as many other players as you can until there is only the last man standing. While the game looks a bit cartoonish, the shooting mechanics are pretty militaristic and realistic and will provide the required dose of adrenaline you’re looking for.

    Spellbreak (Switch, Xbox, PS, PC)

    Spellbreak is anything but your ordinary battle royale game like the countless others you can find in an overwhelmingly saturated battle royale genre. Instead of regular building mechanics, vehicles, and guns, Spellbreak brings you magic and the power of spell casting.

    You’re equipped with spell-casting gauntlets that you can use to cast spells that can cause earthquakes, poisonous clouds, and fiery tornados, among many other things.

    Use a VPN for playing online games

    Before we conclude our short guide to free-to-play PC games, we’d just like to take a second and emphasize the importance of getting in control over your privacy, online behavior, and internet connection.

    Since you’re going to spend a lot of time playing games online, a VPN for PC can help you remain anonymous, protect your identity, hide your IP address, encrypt your online traffic, eliminate any interferences that might interrupt your gaming, and more. Thus, a VPN is essential for defending you against the dangers of online gaming.


    There are countless free-to-play PC games that you should check out in 2021 but these mentioned here are the most popular at the moment. Feel free to explore the world of free games as there is always something new and exciting going on.


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