Best Free Snooker Games for 2023

    Snooker is one of the most widely enjoyed sports globally, with millions of fans who enjoy this competitive game. It is instantly recognizable based on the distinctive green cloth, colorful ball and six pockets. The nature of snooker means that it translates into a video game format extremely well and there are hundreds of options out there to test your metal on the felt in a digital format. Although another cue sport, pool, is very popular in gaming, finding a great snooker title can be a little more difficult. With the cost of video games on the rise, many players are seeking out cost effective, free experiences to sink their precious time into. Here in our list we will be presenting our picks for the 10 best free snooker games in 2023. 

    Pro Snooker 2023

    Source: iWare Designs Ltd. 

    With tens of millions of downloads and a strong rating in the mobile app stores, this first entry is a force to be reckoned with. Pro Snooker 2023 features realistic, high resolution graphics for an immersive cue sport experience. It boasts easy to learn and difficult to master controls, with the ability to perform advanced shots by putting spin on the cue ball. Alongside the polished visuals, the game performs at a framerate of 60fps in many different modes, tables and environments. Pro Snooker 2023 has free online multiplayer, with tournament offerings, comprehensive statistics and more. With so much to enjoy in Pro Snooker 2023, it is absolutely incredible for a free to play title. 

    Real Snooker 3D

    Source: EivaaGames

    Here we have another 3D snooker game that features brighter visuals than the previous game to give the title a more arcade-y feel. Split between two primary modes, you can either engage in standard Snooker matches or a helpful practice environment. Taking on intelligent computer players or another player in pass and play, there are unlimited hours of enjoyment to be had here. On top of all of this there is a variety of table colors, patterns and cues to take on 3 AI difficulties with 10 unique characters. 


    Snooker Elite 3D

    Source: Elite Game Development

    Yet another free 3D snooker option is Snooker Elite 3D. With online multiplayer, you can challenge your friends to snooker matches with stylish graphical detail. As you progress, you will earn coins and exclusive items that you can use to purchase custom cue sticks and outfits. As well as one on one matches, there are special events and leagues to compete in for trophies and unique prizes. 


    Snooker Online

    Source: Kindzasoft LLC

    If you are still looking for a free online snooker experience, Snooker Online is a great option. With a simpler graphical style that can run on a wider variety of devices, this game allows you to play with opponents from all around the world. By buying into online tournaments, you can win prize money to advance through the ranks. 


    Snooker Stars

    Source: Giraffe Games Limited

    Snooker Stars boasts that it is the most realistic snooker game on mobile and when you lay your eyes on the graphics, it is a difficult statement to argue against. Alongside its shiny visuals, there are incredibly realistic physics that gives you a real sense of the game. On top of that, there are precise shot control mechanics to add spin to your shots for more advanced players. In online matches or a dedicated career mode, there are a variety of ways to enjoy this excellent free snooker title. 


    Real Pool 3D

    Source: Feamber game

    Despite the title of this next entry, it features both pool and snooker in one free to play game. By creating your own pool and snooker club, you can recruit players and manage them to grow your empire. Picking up a cue for yourself, you can engage in multiplayer matches or take on the arena mode to refine your skills on the table. As you advance in the game, you can build up a collection of cues from a specially designed selection of over 100 variations. 


    Flash Snooker

    Source: FlashSnooker

    We have presented a number of mobile options but this next entry is for those of you looking for a title you can play directly from your internet browser. With a wide variety of social features such as a lobby chat system and statistics, you can enjoy multiplayer matches to your heart’s content. In terms of snooker features, there are a variety of table and cue upgrades to work towards which is a nice addition to this free snooker game. 


    International Snooker Classic

    Source: Friendly Monster

    In this very long running snooker game, there are a number of features that make it one of the best free snooker games available for mobile devices. With both single and multiplayer modes alongside tournament style gameplay, there are a variety of ways to play. Additional features include intuitive camera control, high quality sound effects, difficulty settings and a detailed stats page. 


    International Snooker Tournament Edition

    Source: Big Head Games Ltd. 

    Here we have another snooker game that is focused on the tournament style of play, with a rolling career mode that takes place in 14 locations around the world. As well as this tournament mode, there is online and local multiplayer to compete with real players or friends. As you progress, you will unlock trophies and upgrades that offer a great incentive to improve throughout your career. 


    Snooker Live Pro & Six-Red

    Source: GameDesire

    Our final entry in this list is a snooker title with precision aiming controls, multiplayer modes, practice exercises and online tournaments. By earning in-game chips and coins, you can purchase unique items in the store to keep your experience fresh every time you log in. On top of all of this, the game runs at an impressive 60 frames per second for a smooth, free snooker experience.


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