Ascent: Infinite Realm – the newest MMORPG from the creators of PUBG

PUBG was an international hit that won over many gamers’ hearts. Now, the same creators of this highly appreciated game, Bluehole, revealed their latest title that has been launched in closed beta at the middle of 2018.  Meet Ascent: Infinite Realm, or A:IR for short, a unique steampunk MMORPG published by Kakao Games, the same company that offered Black Desert online to the public.

Get ready to explore the skies in an unforgettable adventure that blends steampunk with high fantasy, and includes Realm vs Realm PVP.  Take over the airspace above the world in your own custom airship, and battle on the ground or air in exceptional PvP and RvR. Improve your ship to fit your play style and dominate all the battlefields.

We were mentioning you can battle on the ground, which is completely true. The game doesn’t resume solely at battleship PvP but also involves classic combat between players. As you start, you’ll be asked to choose a class. For the moment, the available classes are Sorceress, Mystic, Warlord, Assassin and Gunslinger and they are all gender locked. This feature makes the game more realistic and gives less the impression of an overpowered character by carrying weapons a few times bigger than their size.

Coming back to air combat, since the main attraction of this game is centred on it, the creators confirmed in an interview that the vehicles and the mounts serve more than a means of transportation. They will help the adventurer claim the ultimate battle experience.

In Realm vs Realm, factions are fighting for fame and glory taking turns in offensive and defensive attacks. Players can also join the fight with mechs and anti-air artillery from the ground or initiate ground-based aerial attacks depending on the strategy and the map. The combination of aerial and ground-based attacks makes each fight much more dynamic and challenging. It’s quite similar to playing online casino games. You have fun, you use your best weapons and bonuses, and you aim to be the winner.

A:IR is recommended for computers with better specifications than Intel i5, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 580, Windows 10 and at least 40 GB HDD. For those who can’t run it just yet, there are slot games specifically created with an MMORPG theme. Those slot games can be played boosted by certain bonuses obtained from specialized sites.

All in all, Bluehole promises deep customization for A:IR. Players will be able to customize their airships, the classes and create their own quests. This way, everyone will have a unique but equally entertaining experience. What could be better?


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