Are slots more popular among men or women?

Slots are currently one of the most popular casino games in the world, especially with the online expansion of the gambling industry. These games of luck have created the ultimate gaming experience and entertainment that everyone loves. On top of that, you have a way to make money without getting deeper into understanding the game rules or how they work.

The concept of slot games came in the 19th century and since then such games have dominated the casino space and now are the most played. Slot games are now becoming more advanced and more focused on the user experience.

However, there is a common misconception that casino games are heavily dominated by men. Is this true? And how do women interact with casino games? Which demographic is more influenced by charming invitations that read ‘play online slots here’?

What Are Slot Games?

Before digging deeper into how slot games are played, let’s talk about what is actually a slot game. Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of gambling, that managed to find their way from small pubs to giant casinos and now are a dominant force generating most of the revenue in online casinos.

Slot games are actually games of chance based on an RNG (random number generator). They come in all shapes and forms, especially online, and all players need to do is click the spin button and hope for a winning combination.

The RNG is in charge of making a totally random combination every time. This means that nobody can influence the results of a slot machine, giving players an equal chance of winning some money.

With the expansion of online gambling, slot games have become more fun to play, and entertaining giving people many other options instead of just hitting the spin button.

Are Slots More Popular Among Men or Women?

Most people are shocked to find out that actually most of the revenue from the slot in casinos is generated by women. It goes to a point where some casinos are dominated by women.

According to a recent study at Oregon State University, slot games are mostly preferred by women aged from 55 to 60. This study also found out that around 70% of casino revenue is generated from female players.

This means that the slot industry is female-dominated, even though there is a common misconception that most people in a casino are men.

Of course, this depends on location, the style of games, and many other things. But generally, women prefer more slot games than any other games in a casino.

The demographic of middle-aged females is not that accurate considering that a large portion of the slot industry is now dominated by online slots. The study only included traditional slot machines, which explains the result. In the world of online slots, the situation is a bit different considering the technical part, and it is more dominated by younger women.

Why Do Women Prefer Slots?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why the slot industry is dominated by females, and let’s go through some of them.

Slot Games are Simple to Play

Slot games have no rules of play and most of them are as simple as hitting the spin button or pulling on the lever and hoping for a big win. Since we are talking about a simple casino game that requires no skill or knowledge, they are very appealing to novice female players that are entering the casino doors for the first time.

Additionally, complex games like Poker or Blackjack with many different rules can be intimidating and the overall process stressful.

Variety of Styles

There is no doubt that slot games are one of the most visually appealing games found in a casino. They come in different forms and sizes, and with the expansion of the online gambling industry, we can now find slots with realistic graphics and interesting gameplay that makes the process even more fun.

The wide range of styles and appealing designs makes slots much more interesting for the female audience. It seems like women value games that are visually appealing rather than the concept of such games.

Slot Games Eliminate Stress

Since slot games are simple to play and feature beautiful designs, they are seen as an anti-stress games where women come for relaxation. Unlike other games like poker or blackjack where you need to sit around other people, work out the rules, and create strategies, slot games have no added stress from outside parties allowing you to focus on the game in front of you.

Slot Games have Better Returns

Even though players cannot impact the outcome of a spin in slot games or initiate different strategies that will increase their winning chances, slots actually provide better returns. According to average data, slot games provide 95-98% RTP (return-to-player) which means that they have a very low house edge.

Compared to other games like Roulette with a house edge of around 5% and slot games look like they are the best option in a casino.

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