6 Reasons why Players Love Path of Exile

    Killings, dungeons and a lot of bloody magic spells. Not, it is not about Diablo. We are talking about a game that should be the king of the realm in the world of RPG action. The game that everyone used to know back in 2013, has changed a lot in the last 5-6 years. While before, the thing that was mostly appreciated about this game was simplicity, you can grow really fast, from a shipwreck survivor into a god-killing crusader. In this article we wanted to list 6 more reasons why players love to play Path of Exile.

    1. Modernism with class

    Path of Exile is a complex game and with this complexity a lot of options open when it comes to items and character build. For a good part of the game you will try to find the best build that fits you. Of course there are countless of them, enough to suit just about every playstyle, whether you want the simple pleasure of making stuff explode with a hammer, or the more abstract pleasure of raising an army of skeleton makes. Everything is possible and any playstyle can be supported by a powerful build.

    1. Jewel Hunt

    Another spicy gameplay system that can be found in the PoE, is the gems system. You have to get and use them in order to use skills. The skill gems you loot are the ones that will activate your abilities, of course if you meet their requirements. You are gonna have to place these gems into the proper sockets if you want to use any skill. Low level items might have no sockets, while badass higher level items can have up to six gem slots. The beauty here is that when you will become a skill god, your screen will be filled with sparks, lights, high-quality graphics magic and destruction.

    1. Build your legacy

    The game launched with a 3-act journey. Right now we are at 10. You will face the entire story like a heavily-armoured archaeologist. You will realize in a short time that you have to fight a lot of evil creatures like demons, gods or multiverse entities. Right from the start you will begin a gear hunting spree.We advice you to not get overwhelmed by the number of stats and special items or powers that are available in the game and consider when decking out your Exile, your inventory, because it will always be overflowing with options.

    1. Exploring the multiverse

    In the final acts of the storyline, the Atlas of Worlds will be available for you to use. With this Atlas, you will be able to start new dungeons, enter new worlds and explore more awesome environments. In this moment, you have the whole game available and there is a sense of cohesion that was not present until this moment in the game.

    1. Earn money by playing

    Like many other games available on the internet, Path of Exile can be an awesome online place where you can earn some real good money by just playing the game. is one of the platforms that can help you sell your items and PoE Currency online for real dollars! Poe Orbs and Scrolls are the main game currency in Path of Exile. You can trade PoE Currency safely with 24/7 customer support.

    1. It is free for real

    Would you believe it or not, PoE is a full free game where you do not have to spend a single dime in order to succeed in-game. There are only some expensive cosmetic armour sets that cost around 45 bucks, which is not a small amount of money.

    Considering all of that, do you think you can fall in love with Path of Exile?


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