6 Reasons to Buy a Wii U This Year (2015)

Whether or not you are a bona-fide Nintendo fan is one thing, but the overall fun factor associated with the Wii U cannot be denied.   There’s a certain sense of flavor that this console gives off which, along with all its unique games, is basically without precedent in the gaming industry at large.   Sure, some will rail against its seemingly limited hardware capabilities, but that would require overlooking all the wonderful stuff Nintendo has added in spite of any perceived shortcomings.

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Needless to say, even though we can just stick to the PS4 or Xbox One, here are 6 different reasons you might want to consider buying a Wii U this year…

Nintendo style and quality

Again, as previously mentioned, there’s just something special about Nintendo gear and games.   Aside from the obvious, prominent exclusive IP’s on the console (which we’ll get to later), they’ve even expanded their catalog of multiplatform games, adding Black Ops 2 and others.   This comes in addition to well-known and respected third party games such as ZombieU too.   If you’d rather opt for the likes of LoZ: The Windwaker HD, we won’t hold it against you either.

Smooth internet access

Actually, some users prefer to grab some internet time with their Wii U in lieu of turning on a computer, unless you leave it on all the time, that is.   While you might need a PC for doing more intricate stuff, you really can’t beat using this console to do basic web stuff, searches, videos, etc.   It really is handy, and that’s not even the best part, you can also use if for…(cont. to next tile..)

Multitasking stuff…

That’s right, with the game pad and the screen plus the browser; it is actually possible to make all sorts of multitasking moves.   Whereas other consoles offer the ability to use other devices as a second screen is possible and cool, it’s basically a built-in hardwired feature for the Wii U. Watching a video while using the gamepad to pull off a search is a popular option on this console, although you’ll find other things to do with it too, undoubtedly.   Also, the gamepad serves as a distinct improver of gameplay in various titles as well, which is pretty cool.

Mario games, spin-offs and retro revivals…

Then of course you have the obvious reason to get a Wii U – it’s the bastion of everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario and a’ his brother, Luigi. So many awesome modern Mario offerings are right there for your appeasement, literally hundreds of hours of joy and discovery, often splattered across surreal landscapes.   Mario Kart 8 and the likes of Super Smash Bros. no doubt also beckons attention, as well as all the older games, which for some might be the real reason to check out what this console has to offer.

The Legend of Zelda reboot

Well, we don’t really know for sure that it’s a full-on reboot, but it is certainly drawing some attention with claims to closely imitate elements of the original Zelda.   In truth, the LoZ series is really quite special for Nintendo fans, and the video gaming community in general it seems, some might even argue that it is even more important that their other enormous franchise (see above).   Regardless, videos and screen shots released seem to indicate that this is going to yield more of the same classic gameplay and timeless storytelling; if they manage to actually give it into a more modern open world feel then it will certainly be a mega smash hit.   It should also be noted that this is going to be the first game in the series to be natively created in HD, which is definitely a milestone and a sign of changing design considerations and directions for the franchise.   Regardless, what we’ve seen so far looks pretty stylish and incredible, making the release of this much anticipated game yet another obvious reason to get your hands on a Wii U sometime this year.

Many other little refined touches…

Lastly, we might only point out that the Wii U has all sorts of little refined additions to its outward design or internal software architecture which makes gaming, communicating and socializing easy and fun.   If you like to pair up for split-screen play, for instance, you can have one player using the gamepad and the other, the TV screen. …It is stuff like this which ultimately makes this console easier to use for casual gamers or those uninterested in the standard fare offered by Microsoft and Sony.   Naturally, other additions such as Miiverse art (created by users), and on-disk manuals and rounded disk edges.   Sure, they might seem like small things to some, but for the more awake and aware gamer a new console is a tactile experience as well as a visual one.


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