5 pro tips for DayZ players 

    DayZ is a game that will keep you on your toes for hours. More so, you’ll be faced with many obstacles that will leave you praying for one more minute of survival in the game. But don’t be scared – DayZ also comes with so much fun that can lead you on for long hours. 

    In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some pro tips that will help you level up your survival game. But, you can also buckle up and be ready for more wins. The Best DayZ Hacks are also available to help you maneuver difficulties in the game, so do well to check them out.

    5 Pro tips for DayZ players

    1. Don’t ignore your stats.

    You can drop dead in DayZ in a split second; your health status has to be bad enough. That’s the more reason it’s pertinent to keep an eye on your stats bar. You’ll always find the stats bar displayed at the top of your screen.

    Your stats bar gives you information about how much damage you’ve taken. Also, you can see important indicators that inform you about other useful information like your water level, stamina, body temperature, blood, etc. You can refill your blood using blood bags and your energy level by eating edible items such as vegetables and canned foods found on the map.

    1. Lay low for as long as possible

    Stealth is considered a defense by many DayZ players and a weapon by some. However, in a game like DayZ, you can get killed by anything from horrible zombies to unseen forces like hunger and thirst. So, try as much as possible to conceal your presence to avoid unnecessary combat encounters. Keep away from main roads and open fields. Wear clothes that help you to blend with the environment. For example, wear dark clothes at night and white clothes in snowy environments.

    1. Memorize the location of major loots in Chernarus

    Your loots should contain all the necessary items you’ll need to survive, including weapons. Some locations in Chernarus, such as the Piano House and the Police Station, contain more loots than others,

    The Piano house should be your first point of call whenever you run low on food, ammunition, and guns. You’ll also need to get some clothing to shield you from harsh weather conditions that can kill you. Military tents are also good places to check for top-tier weapons and backpacks.

    1. Some items are key

    It’s easy to find players just going about Chernarus lazily taking everything they can lay their hands on. First off, you must have enough food, water, and a stone knife for defense – just in case you run into hostiles. You shouldn’t hesitate to pick a shotgun if you find one.

    It will help in close encounters with zombies or if you ever get caught in an ambush. In addition, do well to get bandages and rags to help stop the bleeding you’ll get from cuts. Also, morphine injections found in hospitals will serve better than wooden splints if you get a broken limb. Thankfully, this item won’t consume much space in your inventory – a single slot is enough.

    1. Don’t enter places without proper reconnaissance. 

    You might just be walking into a trap. DayZ contains players who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you down even when you just mind your business. However, if you were lucky enough to find a pair of binoculars, then you can take a minute or two to monitor the environment for roaming zombies or bandits.

    However, you can still observe a building from the bushes to be sure they’re completely safe. You should also scan the tree lines and top floor windows. If you want to head on aggressively, you must be sure you have good weapons and ammo to help you survive any fights.


    DayZ is a survival game that comes with so many treats and is also a good way to light up your brain after the day’s stress. We have provided some tips to help you get the most out of your gaming time. The important thing is employing everything at your disposal to keep you alive. 

    Take calculated risks and stay behind the shadows. However, make sure you have your weapons ready for some bloody sport with the undead. More so, keep your eyes on your stats bar no matter what you find yourself doing.


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