35 Addicting games to blow your mind

    A video game is simply an electronic game that can be accessed on a computing device like game consoles, mobile devices, or Personal Computers. It is generally categorized based on the platform it is being played – console or computer games. In recent times, the advent and rise of social networks, tablets, and smartphones launched new social games and mobile games. Since it emerged in the 1970s, video games have seen so many changes. It concerns not only video games but also online casinos, free slots with no download required niches, table games and many other gambling niches. Games that are played currently provide photorealistic graphics and simulate reality to astonishing degrees in most cases. This is a billion-dollar business and has remained so for many years. 

    First, here is a review of top-quality pc games 2021 with awesome gameplay, further you’ll see top free slots with no download needed and their bonus rounds, free spins and instant play functions, so let’s see: 

    1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a sprawling open-world RPG to be reckoned with – even years after its first release. The game is massive and full of monsters to slay, several quests to undertake, dungeons to raid, and amazing vistas to take in. Its special edition has improved the visuals and leaped to the 64-bit architecture, resulting in a more stable video game than the initial release. It offers dozens of hours of open-world adventuring and boasts improved stability and obvious graphics improvement. Furthermore, it possesses satisfying RPG development systems. As of March 2020, about 8552 users accessed the game.

    2. GTA V. Grand Theft Auto V is a video game set in present-day Los Santos, a mythical city in the fictitious state of San Andreas. The city looks to have a striking semblance with the real-life city of Los Angeles. It is a large city, and it is your responsibility to bring mayhem to every corner – that you must. Rockstar, the developer, expands the story from a central character to three individuals with different personalities and perspectives. You can switch between these characters, which creates some interesting situations, including sending yourself to help yourself when you are in a bind. You can drive two characters directly towards each other and switch back and forth. Certain features make the game fun. It has great graphics with an engaging storyline. The open-world tumult makes for a fantastic gaming experience with fantastic music. As of the time of writing, about 100,519 users accessed this game in the last 30 days.

    3. Minecraft. This game offers an infinite, blocky world of creativity where you earn your reward by mining the landscape to build whatever your heart desires. The hugely successful Minecraft both defines and dominates a class of its own across the wide variety of games. It has no story, no particular genre, no dramatic cut-scenes, and graphics that could more or less be called “retro” Rather, Minecraft allows you to shape the world around you with your digital hands and has proved surprisingly compelling to a legion of fans. It possesses an infinite world, can be played so many times without boring the player. It has a local multiplayer option and can be played easily online. Furthermore, it has addictive and engaging gameplay with iconic designs. Since its introduction in 2011, Minecraft has amassed 126 million active players worldwide.

    4. Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 is a cynical look at a future, fallen America. The dystopian action RPG boasts a deeply satisfying story, an engrossing world, and excellent shooting and melee combat, but it suffers from numerous bugs. It offers you the chance to explore Night City, a fictional metropolis on AAmerica’swest coast that is chock full of crime, opportunity, possibilities, and anything your “ark heart” “desires. You play as a mercenary who is caught up in a job with long-term repercussions throughout the story. Consequently, you must shoot, hack, and slice your way out of trouble in this intriguing, action-packed game. It offers thrilling gameplay, suspenseful atmosphere and sounds, and hours of missions. In January, there were 158,702 users playing cyberpunk 2077. 

    5. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt. This awesome game features a combination of satisfying combat, excellent story, and open-world exploration makes The Witcher 3 the best in the series and one of the best games released this year. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final installment in the action RPG series by Polish video game studio CD Projekt Red. Geralt of Rivia sets out one last time to kill beasts, collect bounties, and protect the child of destiny. CD Projekt Red tweaks the formula by introducing a massive, open-world full of monsters to hunt and quests to undertake. This game is captivating for some reasons. Firstly, it features a massive world with great content and visuals. The combat is fast, fluid, and rewarding. It is being played across the globe by over 103,000 users.

    Dota 2. It is interestingly engrossing and expertly designed. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA) 2 is a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game that asks you to choose one of the 111 available heroes to fight on the battlefield, exploiting the characters special abilities and attributes to help your team to victory. The combats are excellent, the rosters are deep and flexible, and the tutorials are informative. 

    7.Outriders. Outriders provide engrossing, third-person shootings with deep customization options. Even though it is akin to other looter-shooter games in gameplay, there is enough narrative freshness in Outriders to set it apart from its peers. In the post-apocalyptic future, humanity leaves a devastated Earth to travel to a new home on a planet called Enoch. Things go well on Enoch until a mysterious, strong storm spreads across the planet, decimating or changing anything it touches. This is a game with fluid, responsive gunplay.


    Top 7 Free Slots with No Download

    There are many free slot machine games without downloading or registration that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. You can try to play all slot games free with no download or registration. You can find addictive 3576+ free slots do not require downloading on PC with exciting online games including free spins, bonus rounds and bonus features. Will transfer you to the casino world. We found a useful article for newbies who are searching for the opportunities to learn how to play free slots no download so here is the link to it. or in this particular guide by the link. Their names are presented below:

    1. Sizzling Hot. This is a 5-reel, 9-payline free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration designed by Novomatic. It has a wide bet size range, with a minimum deposit of £0.05 to £50 per spin. It has a great distribution of good features. To create a winning combination, you must land at least 3 of the same symbol across a payline from left to right. It is a medium-variance online game with an RTP of 95.66%. It has a maximum win of 5000X your stake. 

    2. Book of Ra. This is characterized by 9 paylines, 5 reels, and 3 rows. It is a medium-variance online game with an RTP of 96%. It has a minimum coin per spin of $1 and a maximum coin per spin of $900. Several profitable features can offer you a fair chance to win big. To get a winning combination, you must land 3 or more matching symbols. The 10, J, and Q can reward you with a 100X multiplier. The king and the Ace will reward you with 150X your bet by landing 3 or more matching symbols. The Egyptian bird and scarab offer you an even higher payout of 750X your stake.

    3. Vegas Slots. Players can enjoy Vegas Slot games when gambling online as they would in a land-based casino. Apart from the real money Vegas free slots with bonus and free spins, online casinos provide free versions of top games for players, with big payouts and benefits. You get to win great bonuses and promotions. Conclusively, Vegas Slots offer bonuses, security, Fairplay, quality, and compatibility with mobile devices in UK, NZ, AU, USA regions. 

    4. Multi Dice. In this free penny slot, you build a multiplayer dice game using the radio. The radio blocks allow you to transmit wireless messages between one Calliope mini to another. You are required to shake before you “throw the dice” “and then you send the result to the other Calliope mini. If the result of the dice throw you receive is equal or greater than yours, you lose. This game attracts many users because it is highly unpredictable – it is a game of many outcomes.

    5. Ultra Hot. This is another top game that Novomatic designs concerning to free no download slots with bonus games. It is characterized by 5 paylines and 3 reels, with an RTP of 95.17%. The bets placed can be modified from 5 coins to 25,000 coins when you press the “et one” “button. Yet, if you wish to set the stakes automatically to the highest amount, just click on the “et Max” “mark. This game consists of good features. The stars offer you 200X your stake. The bar offers you 80X your stake. The Plum, Orange, Lemon, and Cherry offer you 40X your stake. However, the seven is the highest paying symbol which offers you 750X your stake when you land at least 3 matching symbols. 

    6. Power stars. This is a free slot to play for fun that is characterized by 5 reels and 10 variable paylines. The minimum coins per spin are 0.01, while the maximum coins per spin are 0.1. It is a medium variance game with an RTP of 95%. The wild symbol is the star. It can substitute every symbol in the game. The watermelon provides you with a 50X multiplier. The grapes win you 100X your stake. The plum wins you 30X your bet. However, when you land a string of 7s, you win a grand jackpot of 1000X your stake. Furthermore, the amount of star power and delicious fruits available wins the gambler’s heart.

    7. Super Dice. 5 paylines and 3 rows characterize this slot machine game with no download no registration instant play mode on. The minimum bet is 0.40 coins, and the maximum deposit is 100 coins. The autoplay option allows you to spin the reels after staking your bet automatically. The dice symbol is the scatter of the game, and it unlocks the dice feature and awards you 6 free spins. The Golden stopwatch symbol unlocks the unlimited cash feature. Finally, you get a winning combination by landing at least 3 matching symbols. These symbols are Melons, the stars, stopwatch, and red 7. For gambler lovers here is the list of the free slots with no download you can legally gamble online In the United States.

    Top 7 PlayStation Games 

    There are several great PlayStation games. Among these are the top titles that are explained below:

    1. Marvel’s Spiderman. This is one of the best games, if not the best, designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel. They came together to create a brand-new and real Spider-Man adventure. This is different from the Spider-Man you have ever seen. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more expertly at fighting big crime in New York City. He’s striving to balance his chaotic life and career while the fate of millions of New Yorkers rest upon his shoulders. Some awesome features make this game even more engaging. The web-swinging action is satisfying, and the power upgrade is cool. The storyline is good, and the combat is fast, real, and powerful. There are 27.7 million users playing this game.

    2. Horizon Zero Dawn. This is a post-apocalyptic game, where everything, as we know it, ended so long ago, and new societies and customs grew in power. In Horizon Zero Dawn, the world we knew was annihilated by a mysterious event hundreds of generations ago, and all that is left are overgrown ruins and machines that rule the new world. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the highest-rated games in 2017. It was one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives, right up there with Bloodborne, Spider-Man, and the God of War 4. About 19.6 million users are playing this game across the globe. One of the reasons for this is the presence of great game features. The combats vary and are engaging. There is an enormous and desolate world to explore.

    3. Bloodborne. Bloodborne delves into the macabre, alien, and grotesque, with aesthetic and story that is akin to H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard’s horror fiction. Bloodborne is exclusive to the PlayStation, and it is one of the best games for the platform. Over 11.3 million players are enjoying the exciting features of this game. The combats are fluid and energetic. The atmosphere is suspenseful and can be played repeatedly without any reduction in the excitement it brings.

    4. God of War 4. God of War moves away from the vices of the older games and pushes a message of change through its narrative and gameplay. It contextualizes the violence exhibited by the protagonist, Kratos, who is seen as older and somber. He tries to quell his son’s (Atreus) rage, Atreus, while keeping his own in check until he is pushed to the limits of his patience. The God of War is Sony’s Premiere action-adventure series, which has provided an exciting and free-form combo system and inspiring fantasy settings for several console generations. It has captured so much attention due to its compelling features. It has unparalleled visuals and fantastic set pieces. The exploration is rewarding, and there is a fun-fighting system. It has almost 22.3 million users around the world.

    5. The Last of Us. The Sony-exclusive development house, naughty dog – the brain behind the Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, and Jax and Daxter series – has created so many amazing games over the years. The last of us is characterized by Naughty Dog’s “balance of Power” adaptive artificial intelligence system. It lets enemies react realistically to situations by attacking when you’re low on ammo or calling for help when you’re overpowering them. Consequently, mind your surroundings. So many users play this game across the world – about 6.8 million users. It has good graphics and an engaging storyline, with brutal combat.

    6. Ghosts of Tsushima. This is a general, action-adventure, open-world game that Sony Interactive Entertainment provides. Samurai warriors are the legendary defenders of Japan — until the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the island of Tsushima, wreaking havoc and conquering the local population. As one of the last surviving samurai, a hero rises from the ashes to fight back. Yet, honorable tactics give him victory. He must move beyond his samurai beliefs to create a new way of fighting — the way of the ghost — as he wages an unconventional war for Japanese freedom. Its storyline is highly engaging and is played by about 5.7 million users.

    7. Metal Gear Solid. The Metal Gear Solid V game, from Hideo Kojima, is one of the best stealth games ever developed, and its interlocking pieces are exquisite. 

    It possesses much the surface trappings of a Metal Gear game – a hulking mech, super-soldier battles, and ramblings about the nature of armed conflict – and from a pure gameplay perspective, the Phantom Pain is an enormous achievement and one of the best games when it comes to stealth. 10.8 million users worldwide play this game. It is well-known for the beautiful graphics and online tactical missions. 

    Top 7 Xbox games

    Xbox games are well-known for their contents, improved graphics, and good gameplay. As a result of these, there are several quality Xbox games available: 

    1. Forza Horizon 4. Forza Horizon 4 revolves around the fictitious Horizon Festival, a loud and brash youth-focused racing competition. The grueling racer continues the series tradition of fast cars, beautiful environments, and incredible head-to-head challenges. This version adds dynamic, world-impacting seasonal effects, pronounced multiplayer integration, and a new progression system that allows you to tackle Forza Horizon 44’schallenges as you like. Some of the new online characteristics are not quite as thrilling as the rest of the package, but this is surely a stellar racing game, one that reflects the years of slick gameplay refinements. 

    2. Halo. Halo, the first-person shooter, was launched in 2001 by the Microsoft Corporation for its Xbox console version. It gained so much popularity due to its top-quality graphics, deep genre improvements, and an array of weapons and vehicles.

    In Halo, you control Master Chief, a soldier trying to uncover the secrets behind a strange object, the Halo. Most of the enemies you encounter are a part of the Covenant, an alien race determined to eradicate all before them. Players come across the Flood, an alien which takes over human consciousness to wreak havoc. You are flanked and supported by computer-controlled allies who provide covering fire in tough battles. As of November 2020, this is played by 29,590 users. 

    3. Gears 5. Gears 5 is one of the top Xbox games out there. The third-person shooter is the sixth entry in the franchise and a direct sequel to Gears of War 4; blessed with great graphics, it continues the story of the Coalition of Ordered Governments fight against the Swarm enemy force. Gears 55’sstoryline is engrossing, and the mechanics are easy to pick up. It’s an easy recommendation for longtime players of the Gears of War series and newcomers alike.

    4. Sea of Thieves. This multiplayer game involves throwing 4 players in a big sea of other ships (controlled by other players) and letting them all strive for survival. This offers slight twists players are used to in multiplayer classics. As the water below the deck reaches your shoulders, you strive to stay alive by equipping wooden planks to repair holes and then using your bucket to scoop up and heave seawater back to where it came from. The storyline makes it feel real and is interesting to play. As of the time of writing, over 46,000 users played this game over the past 31 days. 

    5. Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This is a top game by Microsoft. It follows the life of Ori, a lovable guardian spirit that faces danger among new friends in a new land. The platforming control is perfect, and levels are well-designed. Moreover, gameplay flexibilities like custom load-outs and autosaves have been added. Furthermore, the game features a heartfelt story and an engaging environment. Consequently, these attract many users worldwide. Indeed, there were over 3,380 players in March 2021.

    6. Fortnite. It is an action-packed online game that features comprehensive gameplay modes and great graphics. There are generally 2 elements: a player vs. Environment setup – which is called save the world – and the mode I reviewed. Some of its qualities have captured the user’s attention: It is free to play, and it has bright graphics with accessible gameplay.

    7. Cuphead. This game triggers the old-school animation nostalgia. It has intense boss battles. It is similar to KKonami’siconic Contra series, and it takes much inspiration from the rubber-hose animation style of cartoons prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s-era cartoons. It is not new that players love great games with stunning visuals, accurate, fast controls, and challenging and highly demanding boss fights. In January 2021, it averaged just above 1243 players.

    Top 7 VR Games

    Most Virtual Reality games are based on player immersion, typically through a head-mounted display unit or headset and one or more controllers. The top VR games are explained below:

    1. Beat Saber. This is one of the best – if not the best – VR games you will likely find out there. It is characterized by player slicing blocks that represent musical beats with the use of a saber. This game is popular because you get melodious sounds just by slicing blocks – it creates an exciting feeling. This is strictly a VR game and is compatible with HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, or WMR.

    2. Tetris Effect. The game possesses gorgeous next-gen visuals. The mechanics of dropping and clearing blocks is so solid, and it forms the basis of the entire puzzle genre. IIt’shard to mess up Tetris, and it is quite impressive to improve such a classic game. Users worldwide were blown away when 22018’sTetris Effect turned the simple game into a flat-out spiritual experience. All contents originate from the old Tetris effect. There is a provision for new local and online multiplayer modes.

    3. Arizona Sunshine. There is a battle across the new Arizona that is filled with Zombies. To survive, you shoot, snipe and blast your way through throngs of undead that are near enough to touch. For all apocalypse fans, this is a wonderful game to play. You can choose as many ammunition as you want – you get to use limited supplies wisely. It is quite prevalent among users. The fight for survival gives a thrilling feeling. The content is great, with lots of features in the game. 

    4. Star trek. This game will get lots of star trek fans excited. You get immersed in its world. You and your friends are placed in the USS Aegis, with the responsibility and mission to explore a hugely uncharted space sector called “the trench”. The essence is to locate a new homeworld for the annihilated Vulcan populace. Make coordinated and strategic decisions. In co-op, you can team up with 3 other players to individually serve the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical, and engineer. This movie is well-known for its action-packed gameplay and interesting storyline. 

    5. Pistol Whip. This is an unstoppable, action-packed game that is developed by cloud games. It is one of VRs top-rated games. You get to journey through hell to become the ultimate legend and an action hero. Users all over the globe have found so much interest in playing this game. It possesses certain exciting features that virtually bring you to your feet. It has great graphics with entertaining content. The action seems unstoppable, fast, and real.

    6. The climb. This is another intriguing and iconic VR game where you strive to become the leader as you compete with different users. The prevalence of this game is that users get to feel the adrenaline rush of climbing without ropes. You ascend and navigate new peaks and discover shortcuts to get to the top.

    There are multiplayer features in this game, and you get to showcase your mastery.

    7. Trover saves the Universe. This is another top game from VR, and in this game, you get to work hand-in-hand with Trover, a small monster who likes malingering or being forcibly placed in the position to save the Universe. It is your responsibility to make sure Trover agrees. So many users across the globe find the storyline captivating. It is action-packed, real, and adventurous. This game is well known for its great graphics and good gameplay. But if you still settled on free casino slot games “for fun” and no download required, here are free slots no download games list 2021. As of writing, this game averaged 14 players per day over the last 30 days.Conclusively, the first generation of gamers is grown up and has much spending power within its control. According to SStatista’sCustomer Survey, 24% of the United States internet users do not play video games at all, almost 18% play video games for more than 6 hours a week. The worldwide recognition of video games can only get stronger. Players want to get something more and different. Consequently, these games are constantly improving in graphics, storyline, action, and combats – and no matter the kind of game (based on developer or publisher) you prefer, you will surely be entertained. 


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