10 Game Sequels You Wish You Could Play

    When it comes to making sequels for games, movies, and even books, most will agree that what may be popular may not always be critically acclaimed. Because of this, some of the most clamoured after sequels have never been made, but should have been. Following is our list of five video games sequels you only wish you could play.

    Conker’s Other Bad Day

    There’s never really been another video game quite like “Conker’s Bad Fur Day.” The folks over at Rare initially announced a family-friendly platformer that was to be a near carbon copy of “Banjo-Kazooie,” and instead released a raunchy, ultra-violent game about a drunken, foul-mouthed squirrel who beats creatures with a frying pan and can’t find his large breasted girlfriend. Released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001, CBFD was immensely popular and still retains a strong cult following. Plans were announced for a sequel, cleverly titled “Conker’s Other Bad Day,” but the game quickly fell into development hell until Rare decided that a new Conker game couldn’t work in today’s society.

    Red Alert 4

    Fans of the real-time strategy genre are sure to have fond memories with the earlier Red Alert titles. We have Westwood Studios to thank for that. However, on reflection, EA’s takeover has proven to be somewhat disappointing. Yes, Red Alert 3 was decent, but it was certainly lacking in many areas. In fact, you can’t even play the title online anymore due to the closure of Gamespy – and EA hasn’t rectified this issue. If you do wish to play online, it is possible thanks to a community driven project. Could EA put renewed effort into Red Alert 4 and tick all of the boxes necessary to be a stellar real-time strategy game? An Easter egg found in Battlefield 4 could be a subtle clue that EA are working on this very title. We can only hope so.

    Knights of the Old Republic 3

    Bioware, a company known for its devoted following, as of late has angered many fans due to the weak story of “Dragon Age 2? and the frustrating ending of “Mass Effect 3.” A return to their beloved Star Wars RPG (a bug-plagued MMO does not count) could be just the thing Bioware needs to draw its fans back in. The original KotOR was a quintessential Bioware game, offering players a fantastic plot with choices that felt like they really mattered. “Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords,” while not directly developed by Bioware, was equally effective and well received After Bioware released the MMORPG “The Old Republic” many fans wished Bioware would develop a true console sequel with a return to the series’ classic form.

    Condemned 3

    “Condemned: Criminal Origins” featured intense, claustrophobic melee combat with a truly terrifying hunt for a serial killer. “Condemned 2: Bloodshot” sacrificed some of the creepy atmosphere for more conventional FPS elements, but retained the same twisted story and ended on a cliff-hanger that left fans dying for the third instalment, a game Sega strongly hinted at and then promptly never spoke of again. All “Condemned 3? that would really need to do would be offer some new and interesting melee weapons and keep the fright level high.

    Alan Wake 2

    Speaking of creepy games, the first Alan Wake successfully created a frightening atmosphere along with a creative light mechanic and a story that could’ve been written by Stephen King. What looked initially to be a sequel was really just a short, downloadable extension of the first game. Many fans are looking for a full sequel, and of all the games on this list, this might be the one we actually see.

    C&C Generals 2

    It seems far to say that EA has rather disappointed when it comes to their real-time strategy titles. Nothing could be more true when fans were greeted with disappointment in 2013 as the giant game publisher announced that they were cancelling Generals 2. The title was heading towards a free-to-play experience, which most fans didn’t want. Rather, they were expecting a real sequel to Generals, taking those elements and turning them into something far more spectacular. With that said, what we saw of the game was promising, and we can only hope the project is revived sometime in the future, just without the free-to-play concept.

    FIFA Street 4

    EA’s FIFA franchise is highly successful and without any real competition other than PES, it becomes the annual football release to get. FIFA Street is all about skills in urban environments, with the aim of racking up point and scoring goals. It is perhaps time we see the fourth title in the series, making its way sometime soon on to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. After all, taking your favourite player, such as Ronaldo, and performing some outrageous skills is a somewhat rewarding experience, especially online.

    The Getaway 3

    PlayStation 2 owners will remember The Getaway, what it wasn’t, but what it could have been. It was a game that has many similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series, but was based in London. It was a good game, but lacked in too many areas to be considered anything more. The Getaway 3 was being developed, but it was confirmed to be ‘on hold’ back in 2009. What does this actually mean? It is hard to say. We’ve seen The Getaway: London Heist feature as a PS VR experience. What fans really want to see is to learn that The Getaway 3 will be a title coming to the PS4. If Sony were to get this one right, it could be absolutely huge. Let’s hope Sony can pull this one out of the hat sometime in the future.

    Theme Hospital 2

    Business simulation games don’t attract the same demand as more main-stream genres. However, Theme Hospital gave players the opportunity to build and run their very own hospital. You quickly learn that keeping sick patients happy isn’t the easiest of tasks. Of course, the game looks dated now, and that is why it is time to see a sequel. The possibilities are endless. Tavern Tycoon, and new title, takes the same concept and applies it to a different theme. Something similar would work once more with Theme Hospital 2.

    Grand Theft Auto VI

    I am sure this title is on the wish list of most gamers. Rockstar has achieved so much with GTA V and you can be sure that they’ll provide something amazing with VI. The game is rumoured to release on 9th generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. That could mean we are some years off yet. However, the next generation of consoles will demolish many of the boundaries that are currently standing. For example, larger maps, better visuals and minute loading times would all be possible. Having the ability to enter every single building is sure to be one area that Rockstar addresses – after all, it would add a whole new layer to gameplay.


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