• Virtua Tennis 4 Review

    Reviewing tennis games can be pretty tough since there is not much that has changed during the past couple of years or so. However, Virtua Tennis 4 has come up with some interesting developments. Let us see what these are. Virtua Tennis is more of an arcade style game when compared to another tennis game like the Top Spin, which is more of a traditional variety. Virtua Tennis 4 remains true to the earlier versions. It is more focused on delivering exciting tennis action than talking about statistics and other features. Virtua Tennis 4 is a very good game to play. It is equipped with excellent controls and great animations.  The game is played at different progression levels, with each…

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  • Busy Scissors Review

    Busy Scissors or Boring Scissors?  You Decide! Busy Scissors for Wii was compared to as the Halo of all hairstyling games, but is there really a worthy collection to compare it to?  Sure, the concept seems catchy and fun, who doesn’t want to be a hairstylist and gossip all day?  The problem is that there are so many flaws and a huge lack of excitement that makes it hard to play the game for more than a short period of time.  Interestingly, Busy Scissors on DS is actually less aggravating, if you can believe that.  While the game does follow the same concept, load times are abysmally long for Wii and blurred text that you’re offered when reading the journal…

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