Why PC Gaming Will Be Essential In 2020 And 2021

    A new console generation is looming. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are gearing up to battle it out for supremacy. With Sony unquestionably on top in this generation, it’s all to play for; there’s every chance Sony could get complacent or Microsoft could launch an offensive that topples the Japanese gaming giant from its throne. We’ll be watching the upcoming console war with tense interest, of course, but we’re still pretty convinced that it’s PC gaming that will come out on top when the dust settles. Why? That’s what we’re here to tell you. Here’s why PC gaming will be essential in 2020 and 2021.

    It’s not just a gaming machine

    PCs are good for so much more than simply gaming. They’re excellent machines for that purpose, but if you invest in a gaming PC, you’re going to be able to do much more than simply fire up Steam. There’s also the possibility of playing games from your browser, which, while technically possible on console, is nowhere near as easy. If you’re tired of triple-A extravaganzas, you can take a break on your gaming PC to check out HEXCasino and play some slots or some roulette. It’s not really possible to do that on a gaming console.

    There’s a bigger library

    While the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have both made commitments to backward compatibility, it won’t quite be the same as on PC. You see, on PC you have access to a massive library of games going back as far as the 1980s and 1990s, and you won’t need any special hardware in order to do so. Both of the consoles have some pretty big asterisks next to their back-comp commitments, whereas the PC will always be able to play Steam’s back catalogue. You’ll always have access to a bigger library on PC than you would on consoles.

    PCs are customisable

    Both console manufacturers are making moves towards multiple different machines with different specs; there’s already speculation that Xbox Series X will have more than one model, while the existence of the PlayStation 4 Pro indicates that Sony could be moving in a similar direction. A PC can easily be opened up and customised, so when games do start coming out that test your hardware, you won’t have to work too hard in order to upgrade your machine to play them. You certainly won’t need an entirely new machine, which is an undeniable disadvantage of console gaming.

    …and you can change more than just the hardware

    If a game isn’t quite working the way you want, on PC you’ve got the chance to customise it and change things like graphical settings. To be truly hardcore, you could even head into a graphics card overclocking program and ramp up your power consumption in order to give the graphics that extra bit of juice. While the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X do have some limited functionality in this area, the emphasis really isn’t on customisation; that’s one area the PC has both consoles licked. This will become all the more important this year and next, when games become more demanding on hardware.

    Online services are usually free

    If you want to jump into a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (not Warzone, thankfully) with your friends, you’ll need a subscription to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to do so. This restriction simply doesn’t exist on PC for most services. All you’ll need to go online with your PC is a copy of the game and a reasonable internet connection. While it’s true that you get games if you have a subscription to the consoles’ online services, the offerings can be lacklustre and not worth the price of entry. Speaking of which…

    Lots of freebies

    Thanks to platforms like the Epic Games Store, PC gamers have a wealth of freebies to choose from each week. There are also storefronts like the Humble Store that routinely give away games, not to mention free giveaways on Steam and the like. While this does occasionally happen on consoles, you’re far less likely to see it than you are on PC. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you have a much higher chance of being able to snag something truly excellent on PC for nothing at all. Combine that with the free online service and PC is a no-brainer for most gamers.

    General cost is lower

    Okay, you’re going to pay a fair amount for your first gaming PC, especially if you opt for one of the higher-spec models. If you build it yourself, however, you can often find parts at a premium. Even if you don’t build it and you have a dedicated service like Chillblast or Overclockers construct it for you, the amount you’re saving on games will mean the machine pays for itself after a while. Parts tend to run less money than they would for console equivalents, too, so in 2020 and 2021 as the globe attempts to recover from a coronavirus-instigated recession, the cheaper cost of PC gaming will become all the more relevant.

    Those are just some of the reasons we think PC gaming will be especially relevant in 2020 and 2021 when compared to console gaming. What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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