These are the most popular payment providers in the gaming industry

    The gaming industry continues to grow day by day and for this reason, it attracts numerous users. Whether it is making a deposit or a withdrawal at an online casino this guide will help you to find the best payment provider in the competitive industry. Gamers are a completely different type of customers because they all look for a convenient and hassle-free digital payment provider who has their best interest at heart. Speaking of payment methods, here is a quick criterion to consider before selecting a digital payment provider.

    Criteria to consider when choosing a payment provider

    The following key aspects will help you select a payment provider that will give you a top priority user experience and make your gaming more effective.

    Technology. Any online gaming needs to be fast and secure as this will give the users a superior experience which will help online casinos to win over more customers. Through the use of the most up-to-date technology including dynamic 3DS and good uptime will greatly enhance the users’ experience.
    Pricing transparency. Since the gaming industry relies on the online platform to conduct its business it should be as price transparent as possible. This can be achieved through knowing the breakdown of commission fees, currency conversion rates and the applied associated fees. It is important for the users to precisely know what they are paying for from technical fees to the FX rate.
    Payment method coverage. The gaming industry serves a global market and for the comfort of all their players, it is key to have a wide local payment method available. Accessing to a wider range of payment methods helps to save time both for the players and the payment provider.
    Customer support. Having a well-experienced team of customer care that will deal with players professionally in case of any problems is key in withholding the reputation of the payment provider. A good payment provider should display their direct contacts so they can be reached out to and solve any issues that may arise during the payment process.
    Payment expertise. Any online gaming provider should be able to provide the best practices, information on regulations, expertise on compliance and payment acceptance. These payment providers must have people dedicated to these topics and they should also pay attention to other providers using these solutions such as for benchmark data.

    The online gaming industry has its fair share of different payment providers and I hope the above-listed criteria will help you select the best payment provider. The gambling payment providers 2021 are categorised from the most popular one which is ‘Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards’, to ‘E-Wallets’, ‘Bank Transfers’ and ‘Others’. To make it easy for you the below categories contain some of the top notch payment providers.

    Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards

    Revolut Casinos – When compared to other credit and debit cards Revolut Casinos is more transparent and cheaper. This payment method allows the user to use a Visa or MasterCard to transact their funds and it also has no currency exchange fees.

    E-Wallets 2021

    Ecopayz Casinos – Ecopayz is a global payment provider that offers three services including ecoAccount, EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard which allows its users to access numerous casinos globally. With a proven track record Ecopayz is a top pick among the most trusted payment methods for players.

    Bank Transfers 2021

    Trustly Casinos- Trustly directly connects a user to their bank account. It is an easier, safer and faster payment method, when you use Trustly it has more payment methods for online casinos increasing its credibility. Over the past few years, Trustly has immensely grown due to its partnership with majors banks across Europe thus making it a popular payment provider.


    PaySafe- This payment provider works similarly with how you use your card to load PaySafe with cash. PaySafe is easy to use and simple thus attracting a large number of online casinos to use this service. Once your sign up for your PaySafe account the simplicity of this payment provider will make you even play more.

    Summing up

    The above payment methods are among some of the most popular payment providers when playing online casinos in 2021 and picking up some good money with blackjack and poker strategies. These payment providers will make your gaming experience better, convenient and even more enjoyable while you win big and access your funds at your comfort.


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