The Top 7 Disney Video Games

    Since video games became famous in 1980, Disney has produced some great titles. Many of the games are based on Disney movies of the same name with hundreds of titles to choose from. There are seven Disney video games, in particular, that have stolen the show.

    Kingdom Hearts

    The original Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002, put together some of the most recognized Disney characters with Square-Enix characters in this tremendous action-RPG title. In addition, it features brilliant 3D animation and modeling, making it the best rendition of a cartoon landscape to be put into a video game. 

    The game takes you through various locations based on Disney movies such as Hercules’ Coliseum of Olympus while giving the player a great RPG experience. No other Disney game can come close to comparing with this concept in a game that must be played to be fully appreciated. 

    Disney’s Hercules

    Based on the movie of the same title, Hercules is an exciting game released for Playstation in 1997 and was a graphics masterpiece. Everything about this game is impressive as Hercules has been portrayed for many years across different media and has left its mark on pop culture. 

    Many movies have been based on the character, such as Hercules (2014), starring Dwayne Johnson. The character is also featured in The Labours of Hercules board game. Even a slot machine game named “Hercules High and Mighty” can be played at the best online casinos USA brands, including BetMGM, Betway Casino, and others.

    Tron 2.0

    Anyone who saw the movie has wondered what it would be like to step into the computer. Tron 2.0 is a story-driven first-person shooter with lots of action for players to engage in. Like the movie, it has an unusual visual look, and the gameplay ties into the events of the film smoothly. 

    Every level has a beautiful color scheme that differentiates them from one another, with character models being very well done. If you’re a fan of the movie, this game won’t disappoint. It gives you non-stop action and is easy to jump into if you want to play a quick game.

    Disney’s Aladdin

    The Genesis version was better than the Aladdin games released in 1993 for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The games follow a similar path, with the Genesis version adding a sword for combat and having better quality animations.

    There’s a reason this is the second-best-selling game ever for the Sega Genesis. This game is a classic example of how smooth animations and top-notch graphics can popularize a game. The characters in this version look like they jumped out of the movie screen right onto your console. 

    Guilty Party

    This is one of Disney’s games indeed for the whole family. It has excellent gameplay and characters that appeal to all age groups. This is a turn-based game similar to a classic board game, such as Clue, in which a mystery must be solved. 

    Players move around a 3D game board and try to collect clues to prove if a culprit is guilty while playing different mini-games along the way. Players can choose to play as one of six members of the Dickens family, who are detectives trying to track a criminal mastermind. It’s a very competitive and fun title that never gets boring. 

    Duck Tales

    This game is considered a classic and is ranked among the best games of all time on the NES console. It’s a 2D side scroller with specific mechanics innovations that would be copied for years to come. It also has one of the best soundtracks of any NES game. 

    The game put players on a quest to locate the “Five Lost Treasures,” with Scrooge McDuck as the main character. The plot takes players through unique levels which the style of play differs for each one. This is one of the best games in Capcom’s impressive library on the NES.

    The Lion King

    The Lion King on the NES is a 2D platform game that truly captures the spirit of the Disney film. It has challenging gameplay and some entertaining mini-games along the way. In addition, the game’s design was visually accurate to the movie, with many memorable sequences.

    The game has beautiful levels and an excellent rendition of the original soundtrack. This is a more challenging game than other Disney titles of the era, but with all the levels feeling faithful to the movie, this game is still a unique and remarkable title. 


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