The Best Slot Games Expected in 2021

    The Best Slot Games Expected in 2021

    Competition is fierce amongst online slot providers, which means that software developers are always working behind the scenes to bring better and better games. Online casino users say that it is a variety of games that keep them coming back to sites, so it makes sense that slot game websites cater to this. As such, there is a constant stream of new games, to keep people interested in online gaming.

    What Games Can We Expect This Year?

    Danger: High Voltage

    This game has a definite feel of the early 20002’s to it, especially if you’re someone that enjoyed visits to club nights to listen to indie music during these years. As a nod to the Electric Six song Danger High Voltage this slot machine has it all. With a varying stake, various pay lines and different ways to win it’s an exciting new release for 2021 and one that people are likely to enjoy! They have certainly put effort into graphics and creating a slot machine that plays smoothly with plenty of bright colours, fun symbols and of course, a background theme tune that will have you bopping along as you play!

    Frost Queen

    With Frozen still a massively popular franchise it probably comes as no surprise that there is another slot game released as a tribute. Another game with varying stakes, you can use auto-play, win free spins and even make use of a multiplier feature. Played across three rows and five reels, each spin gives you plenty of chances to win.

    Loco The Monkey

    The game is one of the highest new offerings we have seen with slot game this year, with the change to win 6,000 x your bet. They have put together a jungle-themed game with smooth gameplay, high-end graphics and a cute little character that leads you to even more bonus features. They have definitely designed this game with fun & interaction in mind & it’s likely one that is going to be very popular.

    Other new games that have been released over recent months include Reel Desire, Stacked and Dragon’s Luck Deluxe. All put a different spin on playing slot machines online & are bound to get people interested in visiting online casinos time and time again.

    What Else Can We Expect in 2021?

    The online casino industry is definitely expecting some changes within slot machines and online gaming this year. With competition being so fierce each online casino wants to be the one to offer more than the rest – with bigger promotions, better graphics and even more in-game feature we’re likely to see a reshaping of some of the online casino industry over coming months.

    Online accessibility is something that casino software providers will be looking at too – making sure that they accept a good range of currencies, support all sorts of languages, make the website accessible for all browsers and ensure they develop an app if they don’t already have one.

    High-quality graphics and relatable themes much like Danger: High Voltage are definitely the way forward with gaming and something that we are likely to see more of over the coming months.

    Online gaming is an industry that is growing and as such, consumers are becoming more demanding; online casinos will want to ensure they’re doing what they can to cater to this.


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