Spiritfarer – The Cozy Management Dying

    Set for release in the year 2020, Spiritfarer will play for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Game Pass, Switch and PC.

    The cozy management dying game is a brave reflection of life after death. More it is an expression of how hard and long it takes before we get detached from the memories of the people we love.

    And with the modern generation switching off any time at the mention of death, the Spiritfarer perfectly lightens the topic and creates a positive approach to matters death.

    The Thunder Lotus game achieved the goal of developing a theme, pointing out how death should set storytelling pathways and pleasant memories. And not arousal of sadness, despair, and eternal agony.

    The Spiritfarer characters borrow inspirations from the deaths of their friends and relatives, and each character has a scintillating story of the love, legacy, and heritage left by their beloved.

    As one of the fewest games without combat or warring, the Spiritfarer showcases uniqueness rarely witnessed in the gaming industry. The game focuses more on normal human activities that depict our lives. The event in the game is a rewind to what the spirits loved doing during their time alive.

    In veering off from the universal themes of killing and bloodshed, Thunder lotus designed the most inclusive and friendly game.

    The total concept of the game–Death diverges away from the theme of “cozy management dying ”Perhaps the intention was to create an apposition of death and relaxation.

    The adventurous journey and the effort Stella puts for a safe sailing of her friends is autonomous with how we handle the sending off of the deceased and what we imagine life after death means.

    In what looks like the conceptualization of reincarnation, players take on the role of the protagonist, i.e., Stella, to ferry their deceased friends to the afterlife.  Full of extreme adventure and unwinding, the journey is a mix of excitement and retrospection.

    The arduous boat building experience before setting for the journey takes you back to the olden days, where the sailors manually built ships before navigation.

    And with tiring activities along the journey, from fishing to harvesting to cooking, to puzzling your way in the mystical seas, the Spiritfarer is a journey of unforgettable memories.

    Where players want to team up, one can play as the Daffodil, the cat in a two-player cooperative mode.

    With the fluid tours into the seas and unlimited relaxation, the game takes a twist from the rocking adventure into a calming and refreshing journey. The game ends up with explicit sharing of memories before Stella lets her friend off to eternity.

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