Quarantined? Here are the top 3 Things that you can do when Staying back Home

    The year of the pandemic has forced us to stay home and god knows how long the situation is going to be like this. Most of us are not used to staying home, we have always had something to do in the normal days. The people like us are finding it difficult to manage our time at home. If you are stuck at home then what should you do? This is exactly what I am going to address in the article below.

    The Internet has never been so diverse in content the way it is today but this only applies if you know exactly where to look. There are probably a million of things that you can do on the internet, some of them can even be creative and constructive both. You just need to find your moose. Here are some of the things that you can do in your quarantine.

    1. The gaming World

    The online games are no longer owned by a bunch of teenagers. The gaming has come a long way in last five years. There are a lot of varieties that internet is offering at the moment. There are First Person Shooter games, Puzzle games, City games, strategy and war games and even the multi-player games. The online casino games are a big rise in the market and are expected to have huge market share in the near future. There are several portals offer online casino games such as You can enjoy gaming through these portals from anywhere in the world. So, this is one of the best things to do when you are being bored at home.
    Then there are games like “The Wiki Game”. it revolves around exploring the articles published on Wikipedia. You get an article in the beginning and an ending one, you need to navigate from one to another by clicking internal links. There are different speed modes that just set the tone up.

    1. The online Videos

    When it comes to the videos, there is nothing better than the two words- YouTube and Netflix. They are the oceans of the 21st century entertainment. They are passive and a great way to kill time. All you need to do is just sit back and find something that clicks your mind. The videos are great to learn a lot of things like food, places, cultures and many more things. From educational to entertainment the internet has your back for as long as you want.

    1. Listen to the Podcasts

    The Podcasts are a great source of entertainment and I believe you are never too late for them. They cover a huge ground from mystery to crime and to some real-life stories. The most fascinating part for me are the podcast on personal growth. I listen a lot of personal finance podcasts and learned a great deal about money management. They can be very entertaining if you have interests that you are willing to spend time on.


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