PS Game: Horizon Forbidden West

    Horizon Forbidden West (HFW) was released last year exclusively via Steam. The united kingdom online slots game has now also launched on Origin, Xbox One, and PS4. What is HFW? Will I enjoy it? Is it worth my time? Read our review to get some answers!

    Horizon Forbidden West Storyline

    In the future, mankind has colonized several planets and Earth is under threat from various cosmic threats. These include giant monsters called ZettaiRangers, aliens known as the Gekisou, and space pirates. Players take control of a young boy named Kakeru who joins forces with these characters to fight against the evil that threatens Earth.

    Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

    Players embark on an adventure across three worlds in this third-person action RPG. They can play solo or team up with friends for a local co-op. In single-player mode, players will have to work their way through dungeons filled with enemy encounters. Each dungeon contains a boss at the end which must be defeated using weapons, items, and special attacks. Boss battles are challenging but not impossible thanks to a variety of weapon upgrades.

    The controls are responsive and easy to pick up. There are two main buttons: one for attack; and another for jumping. A shield button allows players to block incoming attacks, while the dodge button slows down enemies.

    While there’s only a limited number of dodging moves available, they do allow more maneuverability than simply blocking. Enemy weak spots are indicated by red orbs appearing over them. After touching these , you can use special attacks including powerful melee strikes and ranged attacks such as fireballs.

    The world of Horizon Forbidden West is beautifully detailed. It looks like a cartoon and features a wide range of environments with lots of detail. Characters move seamlessly between locations, even if they are in different parts of town. When combined with the dynamic lighting system, which changes depending on the light source, this makes exploration a satisfying experience. The visuals are great throughout the entire real money casino game.

    Horizon Forbidden West collectibles

    There are plenty of collectibles scattered around each map. They include weapons, shields, armor pieces, potions, food, and other useful items. Some of these are hidden behind locked doors so players need to pay close attention when exploring. This helps create a rewarding sense of discovery. You may find yourself spending hours looking for those rarest collectibles.

    There is no real reason to go online unless your friend wants to play together. However, the online component does feature leaderboards for speedrun competitions. It’s hard to say whether these will be popular because most people don’t have an interest in collecting these things, however, it’s nice to see Horizon make inroads into the eSports scene.


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